Security tips for caravan holidays

If you are planning on taking a caravanning holiday at some point, you may have some concerns about security. Obviously, when you are towing a caravan, you effectively have your accommodation attached to the back of your car and this can make some people feel a little uneasy.

Use your logic

Just because caravans may be tempting to thieves, you shouldn't automatically think yours is going to be stolen. If you think logically, there are lots of simple things you can do to ensure your caravan doesn't become a prime target for would-be thieves.

Whenever you leave the caravan unattended, make sure you lock all your doors and windows. If you left your house to nip to the shop for some milk, you would still lock your door so ensure you take the same attitude with your caravan. On top of that, don't leave anything lying around that might look particularly tempting to a passer-by. This includes mobile phones, MP3 players and jewellery. Even if that ring is a cheap bit of costume jewellery, it may not be obvious to a thief who could try and take it as well as your caravan.


There are various locks you can buy that increase the security of your caravan for when it's in transit as w.... Use wheel clamps and a hitch lock for added security when your caravan is due to be left somewhere for a while. These sorts of security measures may not necessarily be enough to stop a professional thieving gang from making off with your caravan, but you can rest assured that they will slow them down a little bit.

On top of that, a less advanced, opportunistic thief may be put off by these locks enough to not even bother trying so they will pay off for you. A caravan tracker is also well worth the investment. In the event that your caravan is stolen, the tracker will be able to tell you the location and increase the chances of you being able to get it recovered. Without this device, a thief could make off with your caravan and it might never be found, particularly when you take into account that caravans all look remarkably similar.

Be practical

Obviously, security will be a key issue for you when you use your caravan but you can take some very simple steps to increase the protection of it. Something as simple as boxing the caravan in with other vehicles is likely to act as a huge deterrent to thieves so should be done wherever possible.

It is also worth calling the local police to find out what the crime rates are like in the area that you will be taking your caravan. This will help you to gauge whether the security risks are higher and whether you should think about taking extra measures. It can also help to speak to the owners of the site that you are going to be pitching at and find out if there have been a lot of caravan thefts or attempted thefts in the past.

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