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Scuba Diving Equipment – What You Need to Get Started

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Scuba diving is for sure one of most common and enjoyable aquatic activities, allowing people to explore the hidden depths and beauty of seas, oceans, and lakes with their own eyes. However, unlike some sporting activities that care able to be enjoyed with minimal preparation, scuba diving requires quite a bit more.

Before plunging in, especially for the first time, people need to take time to acquire the physical skills, knowledge, and training needed to complete a successful dive. Not only this, but they need to ensure that they are kitted out with all of the right scuba diving equipment, so that they can enjoy their diving experiences as much as possible whilst staying safe! If you are considering scuba diving and want to know what equipment you are going to need, keep reading.

Diving Mask – Our eyes are not designed to work to their full potential underwater, and eye function in salt water is even further reduced. Because of this when diving it is important that you wear a good quality mask to protect your eyes and to allow you to see as well as possible. There is no point in scuba diving if you are not going to be able to see the breathtaking views that the ocean has to offer, is there? 

Top tip: Make sure that you purchase a diving mask that you but is tight fitting but comfortable at the same time. 

Drysuit or Wetsuit – Some people think that they can scuba dive better without drysuits or wetsuits simply because they can be quite heavy. However, in many cases wetsuits and drysuits are essential for diving, working to protect the skin and to keep you warm. These suits are typically made of neoprene rubber that acts as padding.

Top tip – The colder the water, the thicker the wetsuit/drysuit needed.

Fins – You need fins to scuba dive efficiently. They provide divers with ultimate control over their movements and allow them to propel themselves through water with great speed and agility. There are many different types of diving fins available for you to choose from, including but not limited to open heel fins and full foot fins. 

Top tip – When looking for diving fins you need to put efficiency and comfort first. 


Scuba Tank – A scuba tank, also known as a diving cylinder, is vital piece of equipment needed for scuba diving. It is the main [art of breathing apparatus needed for diving, serving the purpose of allowing you to store and transport large volumes of compressed air!

Top tip – You can rent scuba tanks if you do not want to purchase one of your own! 

Scuba Gloves
– Though more optional, scuba diving gloves are specially designed, made out of strong and durable materials that help prevent punctures and abrasions of the skin whilst exploring underwater. These gloves work in a similar way to wetsuits, but simply protecting the fingers and palms instead of the body and limbs. 

Top tip – Do not scrimp when buying diving gloves - you'll be glad you didn't..

Dive Computer – Often wrist-mounted, dive computers allow divers to measure how long they have been underwater; the depth they're at; and how much longer they can stay at that depth safely. 

Top tip – Shop around extensivelywhen looking for dive computers, looking on leading online websites such as

These are just the basics; other things that you may need include a regulator, depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, compass, snorkel, and underwater camera. Take a look online today!

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