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San Jose Costa Rica: A Leading Latin American Destination

San Jose, located in the heart of the Costa Rica’s Central Valley, is the business center of the country and the capital. The Central Valley has the highest population concentration at approximately 70% of the 4.6 million people in Costa Rica. The Central Valley also has the highest concentration of expats with many living in Escazú and Santa Anna districts.

The Central Valley sits at an average altitude of 1,170 meters above sea level and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and majestic volcanoes some of which are still active. For many, the Central Valley has perfect weather with temperature ranges between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius (64 to 74 Fahrenheit) and slightly cooler nights. Annual rainfall is approximately 2200 mm and the wettest months are May, September, October and November. The rest of the year is quite sunny with sporadic short downpours.

While most of the travel tour operators focus on coastal regions and activities, there are plenty of tours and exciting things to do in the Central Valley. From coffee tours to volcano trekking to just taking a pleasant drive through the surrounding mountain slopes where you can find plenty of real Costa Rica authentic culture in the many villages in and around the Central Valley.

You can find these hidden little villages along the slopes of the valley on winding roads that pass through coffee and fruit plantations where you can enjoy sweeping views of the valley and city. Costa Rican culture and tradition are full display here where you can find farmers still working with ox and traditionally decorated carts, the way it have been done for centuries.

San José is a city where visitors from around the world gather as well as residence of the many towns and villages in the valley. There is plenty see and do with dozens of capital landmarks reflecting the history of a people, its art, culture and its development. San Jose’s appeal has increased dramatically in recent years as more and visitors discover its unique flavor and the festive nightlife. If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica make the time to experience San Jose, one of Latin Americas Top Five most exciting cities (FDI Intelligence).

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