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California's Capital Sacramento Is Becoming a Real Destination

We of course have thousands of options - even just within the USA - for our precious vacation time and money. And even within the huge state of California, amazing destinations abound. But after seeing the marquis likes of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Big Sur, the redwoods, and the Pacific Coast Highway, many appealing spots remain. And one that is getting increasing love from visitors is this state's dynamic capital, Sacramento (pop. ), as little as 2 1/2 hours by car or train northeast of San Fran, with plenty to do and see. And here's why:

It’s California’s Capital!

While Los Angeles, or perhaps San Francisco might be the Californian cities that draw your interest first, you can’t say you have seen the best of California without actually visiting its capital. Any first trip in Sacramento should start at the end of Capitol Park, where you will encounter a building with a neoclassical design that houses the California government. Sacramento has been chosen and has remained the city-capital for a reason, so a trip there is certainly worth pursuing even just for that.

Surprising Scenery

Being surrounded by the American River as well as the Sacramento River, you will fall in love with the scenery as soon as you arrive. The mixture between the city's impressive, imposing urban architecture style combined with the refreshing bits of nature make the place picture-perfect, and you will conclude that for yourself l as soon as you check a few photographs. You have the possibility of admiring the rivers from afar, or go on a boat trip, engage in exciting sports such as kayaking and water rafting. Hiking or walking across the American River’s trails is also possible, if you want to experience the local nature scene without risking to get wet. You will most certainly not be disappointed in Sacramento's scenery.

It's Easy to Get Around

It’s well-known that a perfectly great location can be easily ruined, preventing you from enjoying a pleasant travel experience, if you have difficulties getting around. In Sacramento you will come across many easy-to-access means of transportation, so you can visit all of you chosen places, and tick off everything on your to-do list without having to worry about this particular detail. While you have access to various public transport options, and you can also rent a car for your stay, many tourists choose to rely in taxis instead, due to the reliability, convenience, and time-efficiency of this alternative. The local Sacramento taxi rates are quite affordable, in comparison with other places in California, and if you book your taxi service in advance, you might even access discounts. So remember if you do decide to set off to Sacramento in the near future, book your taxi services online, and you will be covered once you get there.

It's Rich in History

If you enjoy visiting locations that have an impressive historical background, then Sacramento will certainly not disappoint you. Old Sacramento had first come to life in 1848, together with the gold rush. While the latter had declined, the city had managed to go through some major floods, being raised above flooding level. Some of Old Sac’s aged buildings are still standing today, giving you the chance to get a glimpse of the local history while strolling around this part of town. You have the possibility of partaking in some organized historical tours, which will leave you with a richer knowledge on the city’s backgrounds. If you are the type of traveler who loves interesting historical insights, you will certainly love this region.

It's Full of Art and Music

The Sacramento Music Festival draws thousands of tourists every year, including an astonishing number of 100 performances during a four day period. This however, this is not the only one music-related event available, numerous other concerts being organized in Sacramento on the regular, so naturally, music lovers are fond of California's capital city. The art scene is also flourishing at a fast pace locally. You will come across various pop-up galleries, and you will certainly want to visit the Crocker Art Museum, which has been around for more than 120 years. Art lovers usually gather on Saturdays, when galleries are open-house.

It Has Great Nightlife

Any memorable trip should include at least one night of cocktails, music and dancing, and you will quickly discover that Sacramento excels in the nightlife department, giving tourists the chance of having fun in a wide range of appropriate settings. Nightclubs and bars are virtually countless, so you won’t have any troubles finding a place the suits your taste perfectly, even around Old Sac.

It's the Place to Go if You Love Coffee!

True java hounds would certainly take into consideration a specific location if that place has an amazing coffee culture, and that's exactly one of the things Sacramento is known for. You will discover quite a large range of coffee houses there, some of which are known even for roasting their own beans. The local cafés have become quite valuable for the city, and new craft shops are still being opened across town. Each house has its own thematic and specific, but one thing is certain, whether you want to enjoy a classic espresso or you are fond of trying something more summer-appropriate, such as a cold brew, you will find your perfect coffee drink in Sacramento. A complete coffee experience is one of the many things this city promises you.

So while it might not be your usual holiday destination, once you learn a bit more about Sacramento, you will see that the region could in fact provide you with some great exploration opportunities. California's capital will keep you occupied from start to finish with the numerous exciting activities you can pursue there, as well as the attention-drawing scenery it has to offer. If you handle your trip planning with care, book the right accommodation, choose proper means of transportation and dine at the best restaurants, having a great time during your stay will be a guarantee.

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