“There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I'm born to leave.” ― Charlotte Eriksson. Hense you are a traveler or you want to be one, we are here with some basic rules that you can apply on your self to become a master traveler this time. We assembled the rules from applied technical results for over the year by many well-known travelers. Traveling is more of a lifestyle and its not about vacations all the time. To learn more about the subject.

Here are the primes rules for becoming a Master Traveler: 

  • Be Adventurous:

Life is short. When you travel you get the chances you always wanted to do. Do not hold back and take the leap. When someone asks you for hill climbing, sea diving, salsa dancing; hold their hand and step on to the stage. There is no one to judge you when you will fill the dream you always wanted. Push yourself to do something daring and something new.

  • Get ATM cards:

If you are planning to deposit your money in the bank while traveling? Why doing this! Bring a charge-free ATM card and you can use the extra money to buy something you want. There are some travel rewards credit cards which allow making money while you are traveling! Travel credit cards come with so many offers and cashback offers like free flights or discounts on hotel reserving!

  • Carry your needs and backups:

When you are in a different region think about sufficient cash and make sure that serves you with only one credit card. If you get robbed while traveling then you are going to face problems if you have more cards. You can leave your extra stuff in the hotel. You can think to carry a backup bank credit card in case of hijack, loss, and stealing. If there is a situation you can manage from your back-up and this is very helpful during that time.

  • Travel Alone:

If you are traveling alone then a few things could be liberal. You will be free to do anything you want. You can say the world as your oyster. Solo traveling will actually come to you with a lot of lessons. Traveling is an amazing self tool and while you are alone its time to grow and challenge yourself. You need to solve the problems you will on the road. You need to make a quick plan, need to talk in local languages and those will force you to grow through something challenging.

  • Staying and Having Foods in Hotel:

You need to ask other travelers for the best place to stay nearby, wherever you are visiting. Look for a local hotel that offers a clean environment, breakfasts, comfy beds and other must-have features like WiFi, Hygenic wash-room, etc.

Do not be afraid to have new food experiences. You must get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the local foods.

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