Tips to Plan the Perfect Road Trip in New South Wales, Australia

When you reach Sydney, whether it be your first touch down in Australia or the last one, it would be a great idea to explore New South Wales. This state is the most populous one in the country, and it offers a great range of beautiful locations worth exploring.  The best way to do so is to pack your bags and set off to a journey that will take you wherever you go – of course, we’re talking about a road trip. We’ve gathered all the info you might need for this trip, and we’re here to share!

Choose Your Destinations and Plan the Route

It’s essential that you decide on your route beforehand and not end up scratching your head each time you need to take a turn! Things you’d may want to include in your list include raw beaches, rainforests, mountain ranges that take your breath away, and scenic coastal roads.


Blue Mountains

It only takes about 90 minutes driving from the city to get to The Blue Mountains National Park, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This area is known for its dim light making the mountains look blue (hence the name) and the rock formations, best known of all being the Three Sisters formation you can best see from Echo Point.

Apart from sightseeing, you can take up caving, rock climbing, kayaking or abseiling here in the Blue Mountains, or engage in nature walks along one of the discovery trails. For good food someone else makes for you, stop by the historic town of Katoomba nearby and see if you’d try a kangaroo burger! 

Grand Pacific Drive

People who love imagining they’re in a music video will enjoy the setting enabled by driving along the Grand Pacific Drive. Start in the Royal National Park, where the rain forests and their many waterfalls will take your breath away.

If you’ve ever seen photos of the gorgeous tidal pools, especially the one in the shape of number eight, this is where you can find them. This drive offers fantastic ocean views, together with the Sea Cliff Bridge spanning whopping 450 metres. Enjoy the ride, and finish at Kiama, where, if it’s a good day, you might spot a whale! 

Jervis Bay 

Known for its photogenic beaches with white sand and clear blue waters, Jervis Bay also has lots of walks you can take in nature, as well as the presence of native animals, such as kangaroos, wallabies, and parrots. The marine park also hosts bottlenose dolphins that are super friendly and willing to swim alongside boats of people coming to enjoy this little piece of heaven on Earth. Our suggestion? Stop at Hyams Beach and relax in a 3-D postcard that will prompt you to take dozens of photos for your social media profiles! 

Hunter Valley

Wine lovers and connoisseurs will recognise Hunter Valley, one of the most important wine reggions of Australia. It will take you only about two hours north of Sydney to get there, but once you do, forget about your car keys. Wineries offering both premium wine and delicious food would be a shame to miss! For the best of Hunter, including tasting tours, farmer’s markets, and hot air ballooning make a stop at Broken Back Range.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Road trips are so much fun! But to be even more relaxed, you should make a note of all significant phone numbers so you can enjoy knowing you’re safe and sound should anything go wrong. Your insurer’s number should always be on top of the list, together with Epping Auto Service, who will come assist you in the unlikely event of a crash. You know what they say: better safe than sorry!


Pack Well

You’ll spend a lot of time in the car, so you can save place on outfits of the day and instead pack comfortable, light and breathable clothes that won’t put a strain on your legs that long for stretching!

Don’t forget a lot of healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables and protein bars, and of course, bottles of water. It’s a good idea to include everything in hard copy you might need and have on your devices anyway: tickets to any camps and sights, maps, directions, and brochures. You don’t want to drain your battery and then be denied access somewhere you paid it! 

A road trip is a perfect occasion to enjoy nature and the company of your friends or family. Leave the stress behind and try to relax as much as possible. Let the ocean and the rolling green hills greet you and transport you to another world!

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