Remember to Budget for These 5 Holiday Extras When Going Abroad

When it comes round to booking your holiday often we forget the endless expenses beyond simply paying off the cost of flights and accommodation. Whilst it's likely the biggest proportion of the overall cost, it's important to ensure you've budgeted in for all those other pesky holiday extras, too. From insurance policies to airport parking, these are the costs we sometimes forget about when it comes to our annual time off and how you can ensure you're not paying through the roof for them.

Get the Best Value for Your Money on Travel Insurance

When it comes to travel insurance, you don't need to spend a fortune but you do need to ensure you have it. Sounds obvious, but many forego and risk their chances of falling ill whilst abroad simply to save a few quid. Especially if you're going on holiday and doing any kind of extreme sports, it is key. Travel insurance policies cover not only medical expenses, but the loss of luggage or money. Depending on where you're going and for how long, policies can be as little as £5 per person. Use comparative sites and you can find the best deal for your holiday dates.

The Best Places to Book Airport Transfers

No one wants to land in a foreign country, shuffle through passport control and finally collect their luggage only to realise they have no way of getting from the airport to their hotel. At the end of any journey, no matter long haul or not, being underprepared with transfers is not ideal when all you want to do is sit down and catch your breath. Remember to book your transportation to wherever you're staying and you can save up to 40% with retailers like Hoppa who have regular voucher codes for many destinations across the world.

Save on Airport Parking Across the UK

When it comes to getting to the airport, the option that amounts to the least amount of stress is likely driving yourself. No one to rely on but you and your family to turn up on time, you can pack up, get in the car and go. The only snag in the plan is the cost of parking your car whilst you're away. Ensure you book in in advance for the best rates and consider parking options not on site. With up to 72% in savings, using comparative tools like Parking at Airports allows you to see where you can get the cheapest parking deal. From short or long stay options depending on how far you're away for, to park and ride and valet services for something extra special.

Don't Forget Spending Money Abroad

Probably where a large chunk of our holiday savings disappear to, exchanging your money to spend whilst you're away is essential. Whether you choose to take cash or card, ensure you've thought about just how much you need to avoid hasty conversations to your bank that'll rack up a scary phone bill. Much like with your travel insurance, you should compare  to find the best rate out there for the currency you want. We'd recommend you also have back up funds on a card for in case you run out of money or your cash gets stolen. You can even use cards like Monzo and you won't be charged for your transactions made abroad.

See More on Holiday with Car Hire

Not an essential, but one we'd definitely recommend. When it comes to getting the most out of your holiday, renting a car is a great place to start. Open up the roads and give yourself the ease of travelling from place to place. Nothing is off limits. Sample restaurants a few cities over or locate those quieter beach locations. Trusted service providers like Europcar offer car rental across 150 countries, allowing you access to a vehicle in most destinations across the world. No need to rely on expensive excursions with travel reps, you can create your own adventures simply by hiring a car whilst abroad.

As long as you look into these holiday extras in good time, you can always get some amazing rates and money off deals. We'd recommend even spreading them across the months in the lead up to your flight. Do not fear those surprise expenses, be prepared and ensure you've considered absolutely essential holiday extras when going abroad.

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