An Unforgettably Romantic Trip to Rajapara, a Hill Station in India's Kerala State

Kerala is the most beautiful state in the world. The evergreen beauty and picturesque landscape admire hundreds of hundred travel enthusiast from various corners of the world. There are many characteristics that make Kerala one of the best states in the world. Some of the noteworthy features of the emerald Kerala are the richly populated forest reserve embodied with varied species of fauna and flora, crystal clear rivers, tranquil backwaters with traditional houseboats sailing on it, shallow seas with sun-kissed beaches, mind-blowing hill stations enveloped with the carpets of mist and fog, the alluring green plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom add charm to the scenic beauty. There might be several reasons for travellers to visit the marvellous beauty of the state. Some may visit Kerala for business purposes or for herbal treatments while others visit the state for leisure trips either with their family or with the better half. The alluring beauty of the state attracts newly married couples to enjoy their romantic vacation or honeymoon. There are many eye-soothing destinations in Kerala that truly touches your mind and marvel your hearts. Traversing through the unvisited lanes of the southern state of India will help you to refresh your soul. If someone asks which part of Kerala shelters a large number of least popular tourist destinations without any doubt the answer would be Idukki. Idukki is one of the most captivating districts in Kerala. It is the only district in Kerala that protects a large number of breathtaking hill stations. Rajapara is one of the upcoming tourist destinations in entire Kerala. To know more about the place grab the tour packages for time being just narrow down the following paragraphs.

The rendezvous Rajapara viewpoint

Rajapara a fabulous hill station grabs the tourist with its unseen natural beauty and abundant collection of flora and fauna. It is one of the few places in the district that shares its space with a neighbouring state known as TamilNadu. Therefore, when you interact with the ordinary people over there you could notice a few of the localities speaking both Malayalam and Tamil language. The journey to the captivating hill station is truly intriguing and exciting. The virgin beauty of the serene nature is not only attracted by nature lovers but also by the filmmakers. So, if you are lucky you could take an autograph from eminent actors. As you ascend to the destination you would have nearly crossed hundreds of tall trees and various other types of plants including both herbal and non-herbal. Halt your vehicle and click lovely images of yours with these woods as a perfect backdrop. The road leading to the viewpoint may not be so easy and smooth. Sometimes you may have to travel through muddy road or your vehicle without any bad intention will have to jump through the potholes formed by the amalgam of both heavy downpours and bad condition of roads. To avoid traffic, there are might be chances for you to travel through an ancient hanging bridge.

On the way to Rajapara, you will definitely cross through Senapathy and Thottikanam. These two places will surely steal your minds and will never allow you to leave the place. Rajapara is situated in the midst of two famous tourist destinations namely Munnar and Thekkady. It is quite sure that you won’t get confused with the directions leading to Rajapara viewpoint as prior to the destination you could find board written as ‘beautiful viewpoint’ with a pointing arrow, indicating the direction. There is a strange thing about the Rajapara natives is if they found a junction with at least 2 or 3 shops they will call it as ‘city’!!! So strange isn’t it. As mentioned earlier the fanatic place shares its border with the neighbouring states therefore as part of trade you could find a building named ‘pathinettam padi’ which means ‘eighteenth step’ in local Malayalam language. But now the monument remains as an instance of the past. As you ascend to the hill station the ambiguous beauty will delight your heart and help you to revitalize. The beauty you witness there would be beyond your imagination. Exploring the picture-perfect landscape from the top of the hill will give you a feel of surfing a wiki map. Communicate with the local communities to know more about the region and stories related to it. Trust me more than you it is them who are more eager to share the stories!!! Over there you will come across ‘kathaku pala medu’. Years ago a king named Thondaman took all the treasures from the kingdom and settled over there due to fear of the Chola Empire. In order to protect his treasure, he built a fort and top of it locked his wealth with a chain of iron. While exploring the marvellous beauty you could catch the glimpses of elephants and other wild animals roaming here and there. Do not spend your trip in discovering the internal beauty of nature only but also enjoy your romantic days and click as many pictures as you can because these photos will later enter into the treasure of memories. With permission from the concerned authorities, you can set a tent and enjoy a wonderful romantic night by staring at twinkling stars in the dark sky.

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