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PREFLIGHT PARKING,Boston, Best of the Best



                    PreFlight Parking, Boston, Best of the Best


                    By Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey Frommer


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      A trip to Venice pending. Cold and nasty weather looming in New Hampshire where our trip originated from and around the Boston area. A long drive to the airport and the hassles of parking our car. Bright idea. Why not PreFlight Parking?

          In an age of anxiety and frustration especially when it comes to flying out of an old airport where things do not always work well - it was a pleasure once again to be involved with the seamless and comforting efficiency of PreFlight Airport Parking.

          Courtesy, professionalism, a "game plan" that works - all are just a few of the hallmarks of this wondrous operation. There is no longer a need to cope with the anxiety and higher expense of airport parking when PreFlight Airport Parking covers all the bases.

           Entering the highly secured lot, best of the best security 24/7 is visible and comforting, giving harried drivers peace of mind.  Controlled access, perimeter security, lights, cameras.  Peace.

          Drivers are directed to spaces when you show up, no frustration searching around for a place to park. A coach arrives. A driver picks up your bags and stows them away. And you are on your way.  The days of long walks (in all kinds of weather) to a bus stop or terminal belong to history.

        On your return from your trip, the welcome sight of the coach (there is service every ten minutes) and a pleasant driver who loads your bags is something to cheer. Once at your parking spot, the driver unloads your bags and even waits making sure your car starts.  

       We are veteran travelers who have made many trips and have had all kinds of nightmare experiences parking at airports and struggling with luggage and the pressures of time.

         Thankfully, there is wondrous PreFlight Airport  - safe, secure, satisfying. Many businesses make claims.  PreFlight deserves all the praise for living up to theirs.

   “PreFlight Airport Parking will provide much needed relief to travelers, giving them superior service, as well as peace of mind," said John P. Walsh, PreFlight Airport Parking division general manager. "We look forward to providing travelers with a safe, convenient and hassle-free solution to parking and arriving at the airport terminal on time."

    The words seem like a press release, company hype. Yet, they are not. They are all true –and we experienced all that Mr. Walsh said we and all others using PreFlight Airport Parking would.

      All the PreFlight  Airport Parking personnel  we came in contact with were pleasant, professional, efficient. The entire experience for us was truly a no hassle experience. One we will certainly go for again.



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