Enjoying Autumn on Vietnam's Phu Quoc Island

Located in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Cambodia, Vietnam's 222-square-mile Phú Quốc is home to around 107,000 people and is famous for pristine, clean beaches, rated as some of the most beautiful in the world. Especially in the fall, this place it's considered a paradise for visitors because of its wonderful harmony of warm temperatures and lush scenery. Some destinations not to be missed on an autumn tour of Phú Quốc island:

Sao Beach

One of the the island's most beautiful beaches is shaped like a crescent moon and is blessed with smooth white sand and the natural wild features of the mountains and the sea. In autumn, Sao Beach is beautifully peaceful and fresh, with a gently caressing sea breeze and rippling waves. The sound of the waves, the wind and the laughter of beachgoers swirls together like a concert washing over the peaceful scene.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Surrounded by lush forests on the east coast at the foot of Ham Nihn Mountain, Ham Ninh impresses visitors with beautiful views (including lovely sunrises and sunsets). Villagers live a simple life, besides fishing also diving for pearls and sea cucumbers, as well as more recently selling handmade crafts and serving seafood delicacies to visitors.

An Thoi Islands

An archipelago of 15 islands and islets off Phu Quoc's southwestern coast, in seas that are clear and deep (some places nearly 30 meters). On islands such as Hon Dan, Hon Roi, May Rut, and Chan Quy,
the main activities are exploring nature, fishing, swimming, and scuba diving. One of the archipelago's main islands is Hon Tom, a 45-minute ferry ride off the coast of Phú Quốc. Pristine and lovely, it sports white-sand beaches, groves of green coconut trees, and clear blue water, while In the distance you can spot red corrugated-iron houses and village streets shaded by high coconut trees. And as of 2018, another attraction that has become a hit with tourists is a cable car - certified as the world's longest by the Guiness Book of World Records - providing sweeping views out over the island, the sea, and the coast of Phu Quoc in the distance.

Bai Truong Beach

Spelled Bãi Trường in the Vietnamese manner, from October to April this strand on the southwest coast has a gently rippling sea and extremely fresh air, as well as the longest stretch of sand - some 20km - on the island (in fact, its name means "Long Beach"). Bai Truong is divided into two sections, the much longer and more popular southern segment paralelled by Tran Hung Dao, Phy Quoc's busiest street, with some 70 percent of its restaurants, lodgings, and entertainment options (one of the more notable properties is Sunset Sanato Beach Club, famous for its chill vibe, impressive art installations, and as the place where the big international EDM festival Epizode is held for nearly two weeks in January - though it may be suspended in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic).

Other notable attractions include Ho Quoc Pagoda, a large Buddhist temple built in 2012, and the infamous Phu Quoc (aka Coconut Tree) Prison, built by the French colonial rulers in 1950 and later used by the U.S. forces during the Vietnam War (now open as a museum). If all this sounds intriguing and appealing, check out BeeTrip's Phu Quoc tour package.

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