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As traveling with pets has become increasingly common, the hospitality industry is warming up to furry guests. More and more hotels and restaurants are opening their doors to pooches. (NOTE: Delta has tightened policies and other airlines are prohibiting animals in the passenger cabin). In addition, several movers have entered the travel and tourism arena, specializing in pet shipping services. Pet tourism is a million-dollar market for pet parents who cannot imagine a trip without their four-legged child by their side. Despite this, traveling with pets remains complicated, thanks to varying government regulations, company rules and rising expenses. Early planning is the key to matching all the bits and pieces, and enjoy a hassle-free trip. Here are a few resources you can count on for ideas and information:

Pet Travel Websites

Internet is a treasure trove of updated information. Preparation tips, vaccine advice, hotel details, country-specific rules and regulations – websites arm you with information to plan your journey with your pet. Bring Fido, Go Pet Friendly, Dog Friendly, Pet Travel Center, Trips with Pets and Dog Jaunt are some of the websites particularly popular among pet-owners. Don't forget to check out blogs where pet-owners share their personal experiences. You will find this detailed and first-hand information extremely valuable.

Pet Travel Books

Many pet travelers rely on books when it comes to researching the pet travel niche. These books are a great way to brush up on your knowledge about travel from local canine events to pet festivals. Every time you buy a book, check its publication date so that you get only the very latest information.  “AAA PetBook,” which is updated annually, can provide you with all the latest information about the pet travel industry.

Pet Travel Apps

Apps are modern day genies that can do almost anything on your command. Apps can put lots of information right on your palm from finding a pet-friendly park to scanning all your pet’s documents using your phone’s camera.. Why not leverage this amazing prowess when it comes to planning your next vacation with your pet? There are hundreds of apps out there – some help you find a vet in case your pet falls ill in the middle of trip, some help locate a pet-friendly hotel near you, while others may help you spot great dog parks on your route. A few of our favorites are Dogfriendly, Red Cross Pet First Aid, VetFinder, Petcentric, Mo’s Nose, Pawtrotter, and Wetnose. Most apps are free, and others can be downloaded for a small fee.

Travel Shows

Travel shows are a great way to learn about pet-friendly travel destinations that you never even knew existed. Many shows allow you to bring your pets. Carry a large shopping bag, because you are likely to gather fliers and brochures while visiting the booths. Don't forget to bring your business cards. Use them to enter giveaways and sweepstakes. These can be your ticket to dream destinations for you and your pet. 

Traveling with your pet can help you press the pause button and remember the joy of slowing down. If you are looking forward to a great bonding time with your pet, start planning early. Contact a company specializing in pet shipping services to ensure safe transportation of your furry family member. Be sure to seek help from these resources to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. 

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