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In New York City, Perhaps the Greatest Chicken Fingers on the Planet

Tired of the some old greasy burger, boring sandwich, and looking for something other than a pizza slice?  Tired of antibiotic -fed chicken. Should you be in New York City's Greenwich Village,  there is a unique food opportunity that is gaining fans from all walks of life, Sticky's Finger Joint.


What is Sticky's? Chicken strips or chicken fingers. The freshest organic chicken that you will find. Juicy and tender pieces of chicken. So, what's so special about chicken, you ask? The creative flavors and sauces that Sticky's uses, over 25 different chicken recipes.

Of course, you can have southern fried chicken fingers with no sauce. But at Sticky's they get quite creative. Like to add a little bit of pizzaz to your chicken? How about something completely out of the ordinary. How about a delicious and sticky, breaded chicken breast topped  with caramel sauce and pretzels?

Hey Tony Soprano, how about the 'Bada Bing'?  Stuffed chicken fingers with parmesan and fresh mozzarella, top it with homemade marina sauce, add a creamy tomato aioli sauce, garnish with fried basil leaves. Your own personal chicken parmesan.

For Chinese chicken lovers, a favorite is a recreation of an old favorite. General Tso's chicken in the form of a chicken finger. Sticky, sweet, with a bit of spicy kick to it. Perhaps the best General Tso you may ever have.

Got Tex Mex on your mind? Try the "Fiesta Fingers," breaded chicken fingers in tortilla chips topped with tomatillo salsa, jalapeno cheese, and sesame seeds. Take that, plain old ordinary nachos.

Or create your own with a wide variety of creative sauces like: wasabi, Thai peanut, Jalapeno mac and cheese, soy ginger, tangy barbeque, balsamic mustard, and more.

And try some Idaho truffle fries or purple sweet-potato fries on the side.

Plan on being in New York City? Visit Stickey's as you can't eat off  its  website,

Stickey's Finger Joint, 31 West 8th Street; 212-777-7131.

About the Author: Nick Kontis - Travel Expert and Founder of the World Travel List

Nick Kontis started out as a world traveler at an early age traveling back and forth between California and Greece every summer. But it was a backpacking trip around the world at age 24 that proved to be a life changing experience. After traveling by car, train, plane, bike and, boat around the world, it would be this trip of a lifetime that would lead to a life as a travel entrepreneur and world traveler. Nick has been on both radio and television. Featured on Arthur Frommer’s television show, and referred by Lonely Planet writers. Frequently mentioned as the “father of around the world airfares.” Arthur Frommer once said, “If Jules Verne were alive today he would use Nick to go around the world in 80 days.” Nick and his various travel companies have sent over 10,000 people taking their dream trip through airfare discounts of as much as 50% off the airlines published fares. Now Nick promotes travel through his World Travel List and ‘Trip Rambler’ by World Travel List. Having traveled to over 80 countries Nick hopes to inspire others to travel the world. Follow Nick's "passion for travel" on the World Travel List.

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Comment by Ed Wetschler on September 22, 2012 at 12:34pm

I pass this place all the time, but I hadn't gone in. Okay, maybe now I will.

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