Perfect Terrains for Mountain Biking in Morzine

One of the sports that is gaining popularity these days is mountain biking. This is a fun sport, but to fully enjoy it you must ride your bike on rugged terrains. There are many areas especially in the countryside that feature these rugged terrains. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, one of the best places to enjoy this sport is in the Alps, in an area known as Morzine. Not only does this area have the perfect terrains for biking, the area also offers beautiful views of the surroundings. Because this is essentially a tourist destination, the area also features various accommodations such as world-class lodges and chalets. So, if you have never visited this area, it would not be a bad idea to visit the place and enjoy your favorite sport in the Alps.

When you get to Morzine, you will notice that there are different categories of mountain biking available. Basically, you can choose to do trail riding, cross country and free-ride just to mention a few. Apart from the different categories available, people also love visiting this place because the trails are marked. What that means is that, it is highly unlikely that riders will get lost while mountain biking in Morzine. If you are the adventurous type that prefers unmarked trails, there are also unmarked trails available. Of course, you will be given a map and all the important details that you need so that you will not get lost.

The Morzine Bike Park is an area that is visited by a lot of mountain biking enthusiasts every year. Most visitors are known to come between June and August. The reason why people come during those months is because that is when all the lifts are fully operational. There are more than 650 kilometers of trails available for your enjoyment in the area. There are 24 lifts in Morzine; making it the only place in the world with that many lifts. To add on to that, Morzine is a lively place. This means that you can come as friends or even as a family and you will have a wonderful experience.

There are a couple of things that you need to do before going to Morzine, apart from making a booking. It is important to find a guide, especially if you have never been to Morzine. The guide will show you the best trails in the area and he or she will also assist you when it comes to enhancing your biking skills. You will also need travel insurance prior to going to the Alps.

Check this for routes and information about mountain biking in Morzine:

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