Paragliding in the Indian State of Kerala

As everybody knows soon after marriage the couples would start weaving plans for their romantic trip or commonly called honeymoon. It is according to each person’s desires whether to visit a highly developed city or to spend some memorable days in the arms of Mother Nature. Whichever be the destination the ultimate aim of such trips is to tailor good memories for your lifetime. The two prominent elements that make a honeymoon trip so fabulous and remarkable are the places which we select for the trip and another is how we enjoy it. In order to minimise travel expenses, people hesitate to rely on tour planners. But if you really want to explore the magnificent beauty of the unseen places purchase the tour packages from the well-reputed tour operators. It would be an added advantage. There would be many fabulous places hidden in the destination which could be revealed only with the help of a professional guide.

 Sightseeing alone won’t make your trip fanatic and memorable for that you have to indulge in fun-filled adventurous games. If you are planning to visit Kerala for your most waiting honeymoon tour, the state would offer you a plethora of enthralling games that touch your heart deeply. The state is well-renowned for a wide array of mind-blowing games such as bamboo rafting, kayaking, surfing, and paragliding and so on. If you are courageous and brave, you can try out a hand on paragliding with your better half and enjoy the stupendous panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. If you are unaware about paragliding and its striking features just scroll down the following paragraphs.

Paragliding and its noteworthy features

Paragliding is one of the upcoming sports events in Kerala. Hundreds of hundred travel enthusiasts flock to the state only to fly like a bird and enjoy the gurgling sounds of crystal clear clouds when conversing with each other and also to witness the beauty of the classy green nature beneath. There was a time when Kerala was known for its scenic beauty and green plantations. It was recently that the authorities founded the scope of practising paragliding at Vagamon hill station in Kottayam district in Kerala. Situated at a height of 6000 ft from the mean sea level Vagamon is known to shelter some of the unknown images of the alluring nature. The newly married couples flock to the region to enjoy the serenity of virgin nature. Even though Vagamon is a small tourist destination it provides ample opportunities to explore the outstanding beauty. To practise the paragliding at Vagamon visitors will have to purchase the tickets before the event. The rate of the tickets ranges from INR 2000/-. Let us know more about the technicalities of paragliding.

The fascinating paragliding tool carries mainly wings and a seat for the pilot or the guest who wants to fly like a bird. The canopy or more commonly called wings is an aerodynamic arc of cloth made up of nylon material. The suspension or thread hanging from the wings is directly attached to the seat where the pilot sits. Before flying high in the sky the pilot is supposed to check whether the device is free from all defects. If you are a novice in paragliding you can try out your hand in tandem paragliding. Tandem gliders always accommodate two persons at a time. Therefore if you fear to paraglide alone you can accompany the instructor with you. Most of the couples always prefer tandem gliding to other types. To make your paragliding and honeymoon trip memorable avail of the tour packages from the well-reputed travel operators such as Dream Holidays. They attract honeymoon couples by incorporating airfares with the tour packages. Apart from Vagamon, paragliding is widely practised in Varkala and Munnar. If you are selecting Munnar for your honeymoon trip just move to Chithirapuram to do paragliding with your soul mate. The exploration ends at the Munnar Engineering College. To enjoy the best views of nature visit the most famous tourist destination during the nail-biting winter season that is from October to February. If you are not able to visit the region during the chilly winter season, explore the scenic beauty from March to May. As Munnar experiences heavy downpours during the monsoon days, paragliding centres remain closed due to safety reasons. Not all ages of humans can practise paragliding. People from age 14 to 60 are encouraged to do the same. Remember pregnant ladies and chronic patients are exempted from practising the same. Another exquisite destination for learning the various aspects of paragliding is at Varkala situated in the capital city of Kerala called Thiruvananthapuram. Over there your paragliding journey starts from the helipad in the northern cliff and ends at the beachside. It would be really an awesome experience to enjoy the beauty of the shimmering blue waters of the Arabian Sea. To catch the alluring beauty of the Arabian Sea, visit the marvellous place from October to April and also from December to mid of March. Even though paragliding lasts only for a few minutes may be up to 15 minutes, but it offers mind-blowing moments for your lifetime. Apart from paragliding do not forget to enjoy the stupendous beauty of the lush green environment and eye-soothing tourist places.

 To know more about the stunning features of the paragliding and other noteworthy tourist attractions communicate with Dream holidays. They are the ones who curate the fabulous packages to newly married customers. Along with them, you can also buy the packages for families. They emphasize not only on the popular tourist destinations such as Munnar, Thekkady and Kumily and so on but also at the least popular places encompassed with wide varieties of adventure activities. They surprise the customers with special gifts, to know more about it communicate with their customer executives at any time. Do not forget to share the excellent tour services of Dream holidays with your friends and relatives.


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