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Painting The Town Pink - La Notte Rosa, Riviera di Rimini, Italy

On one very special eve in July, the 'La Notte Rosa' or 'Pink Night' sees the entire Italian Riviera di Rimini transform into a pink party paradise. The dawn to dusk celebrations are coined as Italy's summer New Years Eve party. It is among Italy's top 5 festivals.

On the first or second weekend in July, the entire 40 km coast line turns pink. The town's shop windows, trees, ancient buildings, fountains and even the river glow pink.The moonlit sky does not escape the ‘tickled pink' treatment. The sky is illuminated by hundreds of pink fireworks, as the party hits midnight.

There are shows, music, theatre, sets and scenery all along the coast, to celebrate this pink party.

The streets become a blur of various pink outfits, sported by the thousands of people out to party. To dress in pink does ‘...make the boys wink.'

'See the world through rose tinted glasses' by Emma Henderson (all rights reserved)

The all night music vibrates throughout the streets, from various bars, street vendors, and newly erected stages. The combined effect is as hedonistic as pink champagne.

The festival originates from the original ‘Nuit Blanche' or ‘White Night', in Paris. For Rimini pink is the colour which symbolizes emotions, love and meetings.

La Notte Rosa is a spectacular party, in the heart of Rimini. It is designed to show the world that the Riviera of Rimini is a place where people can come, meet and enjoy Rimini's ‘own unique way of interpreting the desire to experience music, fun, socialising and nightlife.'


'La Dolce Vita inspired dessert at the Grand Hotel di Rimini' by Emma Henderson (all rights reserved)

The Notte Rosa theme this year was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Rimini-born, Federico Fellini's ‘La Dolce Vita.' The cinematic masterpiece defined an era and is said to have sparked international interest in the Italian way of life.

'On the streets of La notte rosa' by Emma Henderson (all rights reserved)

The Grand Hotel di Rimini, perhaps the most famous hotel in the whole of Italy, was the focal point of the theme this year. Fellini promised himself as a child that if ever he got rich enough he would keep a room there permanently, he did just that.

La notte Rosa, by Emma Henderson (all rights reserved)

Fellini had always been in love with glamour attached to the hotel and made famous the gardens of the hotel and its private beach, in his (1973) film "Amacord."

The Notte Rosa organizers say of this years event, each resort along the coast interpreted the theme in a unique and personal way to make everyone have an ‘unforgettable night of intense emotions. The whole Riviera will become an enormous stage where everyone has a part to play.' It is a party where people of ages 6 to sixty are welcomed.

The Grand Hotel di Rimini, by Emma Henderson (all rights reserved)

I think the iconic statement of Elizabeth Taylor ‘I fell off my pink cloud with a thud' will summarize how you feel the next day. However, despite your less than 'in the pink' feeling, you will have had a truly unforgettable night.

The Notte Rosa, Riviera di Rimini in set to run every summer in July. Make sure you don't miss the pink province party next year. Bellissimo.

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