An Online Platform for Visa Applications in a Time of Pandemic

International tourism has been disrupted and eventually stopped due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and there has been little or no tourism in 2020 and now into 2021.

The encouraging news about vaccines has boosted the tourists' hopes to visit the most beautiful and new places in the world again. However, the tourists are still worried about getting the right information about visas and visa policies.

The virus is still here, and we have to live with this virus until the world's vaccination process is completed. However, if you plan to visit any place and want to get complete visa information for any country, you can use the online platform

Using our platform, you can securely search for all the visa policies of countries. The details about the allowed activities in any country, visa policies and restrictions due to the pandemic, and other information are available on the website.

How can you find all the procedures on our website? Let us find out about in detail. In this article, we will find out why we should select an online platform for visa applications. It also explains the visa process and how to choose the right application process.


Before we tell more about the E-Visa, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), Visa on Arrival (VOA) applications and processes, look at some general benefits of using the online platform.

We have made the visa application process as easy as one – two - three!

Just visit our website, select a language at your convenience, and read about complete visa policies in one place. The process is entirely online with a user-friendly website.

Initially, you have to make an account by logging in to our website. Don't worry! Your data is secured and stored with advanced technologies. After logging in to the website, fill out the online form and provide the necessary documents.

The details of the required documents are also mentioned, the step-by-step guidelines and processing of the visa are explained with the available time needed for each step.

That's it! You just have to provide your details, and other worries are on us. We have a team of specialists to review each application, and they ensure that the application is complete before transferring it to the final governmental process.

After the government's approval, you can go and visit your requested place. If you still have a problem understanding any information, we have 24/7 customer support to answer any queries.

Now you are Excited! Just go and visit and complete your visa application and visit your desired places. also has complete guidelines about the COVID-19 situation and entry restriction details for each country. So stop worrying about the process; follow the right website.

Countries included in

We have more than sixty countries on the list. The most popular and visited countries include fascinating Mexico to diverse cultured India, historical Egypt to versatile Canada, and many more. You can visit calm beaches or hike to the world's highest mountains. If you want to see beautiful walled cities, old heritage towns, or newly built towns of the world, go and visit to get more detail about any country's visa process.

The planning of a visit to new countries or a business trip is always looking hectic. One surely wants to have the easiest way to get a visa. Manual application of the visa is difficult to understand, and you have to read long visa policies.

Our online portal has provided the online visa process with various modes of the visa application process.

There are three different visa application processes; those are, E-visa, ETA, and VOA. The details of varying visa applications and processes are explained in the next topics.

E-Visa Application Process

The electronic Visa (E-Visa) application step by step process is available on our website, and as follows:

First of all, you have to apply for the online application on For this, click on your favorite destination, and you can see information about the validity time of your visa, duration of stay in that country for that particular entry. You can also have a look at the allowed activities for your E-visa. Just click on the apply now, and fill the online form. The expert reviews the online applications, and the E-visa details are sent to your Email after the approval. You can print that visa and visit your destination.

ETA Application Process

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization, and it is different from EvVisa. Unlike eVisa, they are more of an authorization to travel and only given by countries listed under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The nationals of VWP countries can apply for ETA in other countries which allow it. The application for ETA is also filled online by using our secure application portal The ETA details are sent by the state of the art Emails serve. There is no need to print the documents, and ETA is directly linked to the passport.

VOA Application Process

We have a long list of countries that provide visas on arrival to various tourists. You can check this list on our website.

The visa on arrival (VOA) process includes filling the online application on The details of VOA are received via Email. You can travel to your destination and obtain a visa and stamp on your passport on the country's entry.

Natvisa is Reviewed by a Third Party

Shopper approved is a world-renowned software-based review company that tells about the rating of online websites and platforms based on the people who have used their services.

The shopper-approved rating and reviews have been determined to be five stars with more than ten thousand users. So people are liking our services and giving us comments. If you want to avail of our services, visit and get complete information about the visa and visa process. We will help you understand the visa process, from filing your ticket on an online application to visiting your desire destinations.

We will charge a minimal amount to our service with a money-back guarantee for each application; however, the processing charges are nothing if you have not to go through the nasty and lengthy manual visa processes.

We have already answered your frequently asked question (FAQ) in each country's visa application portal. If you still have any questions, visit our website and get 24/7 online help. 

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