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North East Travel – Enjoyed Solo Travel

I recently spent some time in Northeast India. Northeast travel and tourism are growing, and Northeast India is safer than ever in most areas. For; solo travelers also, it is the safest place. The best time for the North East Package Tour is in the months of October to April. The travelogue will help you know more about Northeast India. 

Experience in Manipur

I was traveling solo; the trip was for nine nights ten days, and the plan was to visit the maximum places.  In my North East Package, Manipur was the first place to visit; I boarded the flight from Kolkata and reached Imphal. Imphal is the capital city of Manipur.  It was one of my most awaited dream trips. Manipur literally translates to ‘jeweled land’. The entire state of Manipur surrounded by hilly terrain. The local language of Manipur city is Meitei. After reaching the hotel, I freshen up and had some hot noodles and went outside for some sightseeing. The first place was Kangla Fort, which is the heart of Imphal, Kangla complex is in the city's heart and surrounded by a canal filled with water. In the evening I ended my day in Ima Market with some shopping. Over 4000 women have set up shops making it the largest market of its kind in Asia, and possibly the entire world. Products in these markets are from handicrafts to fish, from fruits to flowers, from the traditional dresses worn by Manipuri women to the religious offerings for the temple. You will find everything.

The next day I started my day to explore Manipur. The destination was to Loktak Lake, near Moirang village. Loktak Lake in Manipur is the greatest freshwater lake in the Northeast Region. It is famous for Phumids.  It is so big that I can hardly see the other side from one end. I walked around the place and took some photographs of this beauty of nature. This the best place for nature lovers, persons, and photographers.

Explore Shillong Meghalaya - Adobe of Clouds

After Manipur, I was all set to explore the beautiful city of Shillong. I started my journey towards Shillong. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. It bases Shillong city on the southern edge of the Khasi Hills, this city shares its international border with Bangladesh. You welcomed by the charming Khasi people with a big smile. It surprised that in that cloudy and rainy weather also, you can find small roadside tea stalls in that place. Tourists will find Khasi women's selling tea, biscuits, drinking waters, and all essentials to the tourists under a small umbrella. On the way to Shillong, we visited Umium Lake, also, which is another beauty.

The next day came in with major traveling and better places to see. We wake up early and started our day. It was yet another sunny day, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. We were heading to Cherrapunji. Cherrapunji has a bundle of surprises, which will amaze everyone surely, starting from root bridges, waterfalls, Eco parks, caves to breathtaking valleys. It's called Scotland of East also, it has a lot of hidden treasures in the middle of the forest for travelers. The weather in Cherrapunji is always unpredictable; no one has any idea when someone will be welcome by clouds or rain on the road. By the time I reached Cherrapunji, It was still raining. The day was full of beautiful destinations. The first place was the Dawki Bridge built over the Dawki Lake. Boating in the blue water was something that cannot put into words.

The next day we headed towards Eco Park, which is one of the tourist attractions in Cherrapunji. My first sight of the famous Double Decker Living Room Bridge amazed me; this bridge is nothing less than a man-made cum natural wonder. These roots grow from ancient rubber trees which can see only in the Northeast region. Another jaw-dropping sight is the Nohkalikai Falls. This breathtaking waterfall is the tallest waterfall in the country, which will definitely amaze you. They also call this waterfall as Seven Sisters Waterfalls. The next stop for us was the Mawsmai Cave, after a pleasant walk through the cave for several minutes; we were heading towards a local restaurant with a growling stomach.

The next day was at Shillong, we visited Elephant Falls, a majestic set of waterfalls of extreme beauty but which can only reach after a tiresome amount of steps. After that, I reached the Don Bosco Museum, and it thrilled me about the vast building that stood before us. A good few hours I walked through the museum.

Kaziranga with One-Horn Rhino

The day went by pretty slowly, and we were soon heading to the Guwahati for our next stay, and that was Kaziranga.  The Kaziranga is the lush green habitat for the one-horned rhinos. Kaziranga is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It maintains ecosystems such as grasslands, forests, lakes.  Elephants, Swamp deer, and hog deer are some commonly seen animals here. I had one elephant ride, jeep rides, and one boat ride in the national park.  The rides begin very early in the morning between 5 am to 6 am.

Rhinoceros are majestic creatures. When I saw them, I just kept on looking, it satisfied me, as I could admire the animal very well even at that time I forgot completely that I had a camera. Rather than the rhino, the sanctuary is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna also. The beauty of Kaziranga is far beyond the imagination. You will be awestruck with the diversity of flora and fauna. The region is a paradise for birdwatchers. The 2 days in Kaziranga were thrilling and amazing with lots of activities.

I kept the last day for the Guwahati tour. I spent a leisurely day exploring the city. I went to Kamakhya temple and Umananda temple and spent the evening by doing shopping and with some stall foods. Assamese cuisines were awesome, and I enjoyed the night with some Assamese flavor.

The next day early morning I left for Guwahati airport. What I finally took back home were memory cards full of photographs, bags stuffed with lots of goodies, and heads overflowing with cherished memories of our trip.

Some Information:

North-east practices a matrilineal system where the women hold the most important position in the family with all social, cultural, and political rights.


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