New Year’s Eve in Budapest Really Is Something Else

Welcoming the new year has to be done with tons of celebrations, and going to Budapest and Hungary is a great idea. Budapest is simply one of the most magnificent cities in Europe and in this guide, we will provide you with tips and tricks on going through the New York craze in the capital. If you are looking to spend New Year’s Eve in Budapest, you’ll find all the information you need here.

NYE in Budapest is full of parties, incredible menus in different restaurants, street parties, concerts going from rock to classical, and of course the cruises on the Danube River. Most of the parties sell out very early, during early December and other start to open mid December but you have to stay up to date if you actually want to enjoy something and Budapest during New Years Eve.

Budapest Accommodations

The begin with, you need to book your flights and your accommodations well in advance because the closer New Year's gets, the more expensive the hotels. Check for budget accommodations as well as discounts a few months before the event. Rental properties are a great option especially if you are travelling with your family or friends because they are a lot spacious and a lot cheaper compared to hotels.

The Weather on New Year's Eve

The winter in Budapest can be quite cold, so be sure to bring your gloves thick coats boots and hats in order to keep you warm during the New Year’s Eve festivities. The buildings are usually warm but if you decide to go to a street party, outside then it can be freezing, especially during the night.

After Parties in Budapest

Arrange some after-party plans in order to start your new year as a happy and relaxed person. Despite what most people think there are many open places on January 1st in Budapest unlike many other public holidays. The place are limited though so if you would like to go to the thermal baths for instance, ensure that you book tickets early so you can get a massage.

The Food in Budapest

There is plenty to eat and drink when it comes to wining and dining in Budapest. There are numerous incredible restaurants and hotels in the great cosmopolitan city and you will get to enjoy Hungarian traditional foods as well as different cuisines from around the world. Most of the restaurants have special New Years Eve menus that feature both international and traditional dishes. Outside the restaurants, you can enjoy the cruise dinners through the Danube River. Stuffed cabbages and lentils are some of the traditional dishes you will get to sample in the city.

The Street Parties

Budapest street parties offer nothing short of fun and they focus on three different hot spots, which are Vorosmarty Square, Oktogon Square, and the Eiffel Square at Nyugati train station. Entry is usually free to these parties. Fireworks in Budapest during New Years Eve are just small scale since their spectacular fireworks are held in August.

A Final Word

If you thinking of welcoming the new year in Budapest, Hungary, then you will be in for tons of fun, and memories to treasure all year long. This charming city has a lot to offer in terms of parties, food, drinks and so much more.

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