Egypt is commonly known for two of its sites of which one is one of the seven wonders of the world, this, of course, can give Egypt the appearance of being a very singular tourist country but, I can assure you that this is not the case when it comes to visiting Egypt as it has many secrets and luxury getaways for the average traveler to the hardcore traveling families will all enjoy.

When one thinks about the attractions which Egypt has to offer, some of the first thoughts are about how impressive the stone tombs and temples of this ancient civilization has to offer, the rich culture and history trapped in the ice cold walls of stone in the desert. However, to many people’s surprise this is not the case when it comes to Egypt as not only does it offer the ancient attractions and history lessons, but Egypt also plays host to the Red Sea which is known for its impressive crystal perfect water which allows many diving enthusiasts to enjoy the treasure troves of coral reef hidden between the countless resorts.

If you are worried about the Red Sea and its coastlines, you won’t have to fear as Egypt has other attractions to offer, which include secret and peaceful desert Oasis’s, which you can escape to when you want out of the hustle and bustle of the city life.

So where can you go if you haven’t visited Egypt before?


  • The Giza Necropolis
    This has to be Lady Egypt Tours most booked our site, in all of their packages that they offer, to be honest, I can understand why. The Giza Necropolis is home to the famous Sphinx, pyramids and the Giza plateau, the Giza Necropolis is the image on the postcard that most people see every time they walk into a shop. If you visit Egypt you have to visit the Giza Necropolis just to see the pure brilliance of this sacred site.
  • Dahshur
    Even though this small town is located 25 miles from Cairo and is on the western banks of the river Nile, it is a great place to stay when you are looking for a bit more peace and quiet, but still, want to wake up to the sight of the Great pyramids.
  • Luxor ( Thebes)
    After the fall of the old kingdom, the capital city of Egypt was moved to Thebes (now known as Luxor), the new kingdom was a very interesting time within the Egyptian history line and was the time period where the infamous King Tutankhamun died and was discovered a period of time later.


Luxor is a medium-sized city which offers visitor’s access to the Valley of Kings, the ancient temples of both Luxor and Karnack.


Luxor’s terrain is quite unique as it offers travelers the expectancy of living in the desert but on the river banks of the Nile.

  • Alexandria

Being Egypt’s leading port is quite a big task to be given, however, this town located on the coastline of the Mediterranean sea is an awesome tourist attraction, where many people choosing to visit end up going to see why Alexander the Great choose to turn this city into the center of the world during his time.


To conclude

Egypt is an amazing place to visit where it offers people from all over the world a chance to feel at home in their own preferred climate whether it be dessert, coastal or mountain terrain.

Egypt’s rich culture is one to be amazed by and their architecture can only be admired and will often leave many people thinking how it was made with the technology available at the time.

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