Multi-cuisine restaurant in Kolkata offer mouth-watering dishes

Kolkata, called as the city of joy, supports its tag by giving the best against the rest. It personifies culture, life, literature and revolutionary streak which attracts people from diverse places across the globe. 

A peaceful lifestyle, with a dash of culture in food, clothing and religious beliefs do give denizens the kind of comfort they seek unlike the life in the fast lane of the other metros. Kolkata is a metro, but still manages to capture minds and maintain the simplicity it has been known ever since.

Buzzing with travellers and locals, each point in town is always as happening as it can be. The food culture of the city makes it worth moving around. Every nook and corner has an eating joint serving mouth-watering street food to the classic Bengali dishes including intercontinental dishes too.

Each foodie as well as those who have sweet tooth can devour the world famous rasgulla, sandesh and misti doi along with the other delicacies. Nevertheless, the Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Kolkata serve the best eating deals to all, making it the best deal ever in life in terms of food. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, remarkable sea-food and the aroma of excellent spices adds on to the popularity of this place.  

Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Kolkata

As the IT and corporate houses have made their headquarters in the city, it experiences its own share of businessmen and sales managers travel back and forth for business purposes. The corporate culture thriving in the city also aids to the fact that eating out on frequent basis has become a practise.

The multi cuisine restaurants are, thus, the best option for such people. Apart from the regular hotels and restaurants that serve Bengali cuisine, these restaurants are loaded with various dishes not only from various parts of the country, but also from various parts of the globe.

Drinking is also a part of corporate culture, wherein food is accompanied by beer and other hard drinks. There various in-built bars in the restaurants, or in the vicinity of these restaurants. The amazing interiors, the great ambience, bar corners, either near the restaurant or near the pool, are simply apt for people to enjoy the staple and international cuisines.  

Some can search online or get hold of the Best bar in Kolkata through friends. There are many hotels that offer details on the rest of the facilities, timings of the bars available with them.

Several tourist destinations such as Birla Planetarium, Fort William, Shantiniketan, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and Nicco Park are some of the well known places that are a must visit during your stay in Kolkata. The months of October-March are perfect to visit the city as it experiences a cool weather and is draped in the shades of Durga Puja.

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