Located in central Alborz mountain range and Takht-e Soleyman region, Mount Alam (Alam Kuh) is the second highest mountain in Iran and highest in the region, 4,850 meters in altitude.

This magnificent summit is located in Kelardasht village, northwest of Tehran and near Caspian Sea. 

Alam Kuh is often called the paradise of mountaineers due to its steep foothills, beautiful glaciers and snowfields and challenging technical routes. 

Although Mount Damavand, being the most prominent peak in Iran, has overshadowed Alam Kuh , this amazing summit has a lot to offer to those enthusiastic about  mountains and trekking.

The 500-meter-high granite wall in the northern face of Alam Kuh , known as Alam Kuh big wall, is one of the attractions of this beautiful summit . Mountaineers from all around the world such as France, Italy, Poland and etc. have opened routes in this wall. Each route is named after the nationality of the groups of mountaineers that opened it.

For a complete guide: everything you need to know about Alam Kuh, click here.

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