Hello dear travelers, I hope you are all doing great and feeling awesome while traveling and checking things on your bucket-lists. Well today I want to talk about Shared tours, especially in my country (Morocco) where sharing is caring ;) The whole idea behind travels is to discover new things, new places, new cultures and most importantly new people. So how about you do all that at once, sweet yeah , tell me how please !! OK OK, how about you share a several days tour with a bunch of random people you never met in a country you never have been to, and all of you go to a place you never went to and maybe do things you could never do alone. Yeah that sounds wonderful, but how am I gonna do that, how am I gonna meet these people and organize all that ?? Riiiight, delicate question! Actually not at all, We will do that for you, how you ask, here is how, I represent a tour operator in Morocco, based in the ocher city of Marrakech, great place by the way. And we love providing shared tours, simply because it's more fun, and more affordable for our dear customers. Now let's get to the technical part (the non-fun part LoL), The first thing to do is to check out website ( Morocco shared tours) and see if you actually like us, YOU better, we're awesome, haha !!Go to the "shared tours" page and see if there is an open tour available and if it suits what you're looking for, then contact us and we will add you and discuss details with you. If there is no open tour or you don't like the existing ones, you can always check out the list of tours and itineraries we offer, chose the one that suits you, you can suggest ideas and customization that we will consider of course, then simply contact us with the details of your request, tour, dates, numbers... etc). We will display your request on our website and people will join. We will keep all the participants informed all the time. Plain and simple isn't it, beautiful !! Ok fun part again (aaah, at last :D ) You my friend get to meet people from all over the world, get to know eachother, become friends (or more than just friends who knows...Eeeeew !!) and enjoy a beautiful and relatively cheap trip to any of the wonderful destinations you choose it's like a jackpot, a 4 x WIN situation. Unless you are a grumpy person or a sweet couple looking for some private loooove and no competition hahaa , then you can always book the private tours and day trips and we will gladly serve.
Well that said, Get your fingers to your keyboard and type in slowly Morocco private and shared tours or you can just copy-past it 'meeh' And check out your next destination.
We will see you in Morocco,

Brahim from No Limit Tours with LOVE

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