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Montreal or New York: Which Should You Visit?

If you’re a traveler, you know what the hardest thing about traveling is—choosing the destination! With so many amazing places all around the world, how can you just pick one? If money’s not a problem, you don’t have to choose, but most of us can only do one destination per trip, so picking wisely is important. So, if you’re stuck somewhere between Montreal and New York, here’s a little guide that might help you make your choice. 

Montreal—the City of Saints (and Sinners)

What you’ll see as soon as you step in Montreal will make you fall in love with its devilish charm. Its romantic cobblestone streets and urban vibe will leave you feeling stuck somewhere between Paris and Brooklyn. Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and very rich in culture. However, its surrounding neighborhoods also have a lot to offer, so you’ll always be quite busy. Montreal is truly a city made for those who love to mingle. It has street festivals, outdoor performances and many cute pop-up markets—it’s heaven for all those who love to party, eat, drink and have fun. What you might come here for is food, drinks and nightlife (all very rich and diverse) but what you’ll want to stay for is people, art and culture. 

Must-see things in Montreal

From checking out the new it-restaurants in Gay Village to getting a healthy dose of art at the mural tour and shopping at Mile End, the city districts will definitely make the trip worth your time. Rent a bike and have an impromptu city bike tour and follow the river while you browse the bakeries, butcher shops, cheesemongers and flower stalls.

New York—the City that Never Sleeps 

NYC is the unofficial capital of the world and the center of the universe (at least for all New Yorkers). This means that there are fun and interesting things to see and do every time you turn a corner. From must-see attractions to just grabbing a cup of coffee and people-watching, New York will always deliver. It’s home to some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, hotels, stores, bars and museums and it’s constantly changing and evolving—you’ll never see the same city twice! The pace of New York is relentless: what’s hot today will be passé tomorrow, so you’ll need to stay ever-informed if you want to see all the ‘it’ spots. No wonder the city never sleeps—it’s just too busy to stop and rest!

Must-see things in NYC

All art-lovers need to see the famous pieces at The Met. Additionally, people-watching in Central Park is still one of the favorite pastimes of New Yorkers who have some time to waste until they get onto the next activity. Eating pizza in New York is also a must experience, especially if you pick the right slice

Is it possible to do both? 

Actually, Montreal and New York are not that far apart which means you can find cheap transportation and connect those two destinations. If you pick Montreal, you can easily book cheap bus tickets from Montreal to New York and stay a few days in the Capital of the World. The ride is much less stressful than you might think and definitely more affordable. So, yes, it’s very much possible to do both cities at once! However, since both Montreal and New York are big (the latter especially) you might need more time than a few days to thoroughly explore them. Luckily, if you have time, you can always make your tour longer.

Even though they come from two different worlds, Montreal and New York City are not so different after all. Traveling on a budget? Pick Montreal. Want to experience the hustle and bustle of an 8.5-million-people city? Pick NYC. But, if you have time to visit both, certainly do so and you’ll see for yourself how magical these two hot spots truly are!

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