Montenegro's Eco Treasure: Durmitor National Park

In the Republic of Montenegro you will find Durmitor National Park, a vast natural protected area of 39,000 hectares which was declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1980. Shaped by the action of glaciers and with rivers and underground waters cutting through it, its beauty goes beyond what can be captured in a photo. Dense forests of conifers with important endemic flora and lakes of crystal waters stretch out along Tara River, which possesses one of the most profound gorges in Europe. A real wonder offered to visitors by nature.

Durmitor, which probably comes from the romance languages of the Balkans, means “sleeping” and is the highest peak in the park at an altitude of 2,522 meters. Furthermore, it gives its name to the mountain range which includes it and to the park itself, with 48 peaks above 2,000 meters, five canyons and 18 lakes. The high altitude of these summits is what guarantees large snowy spaces in winter, making it an ideal location to practice sports such as skiing and snowboarding. On the other hand, during the summer, it makes it an ideal space for mountaineering, climbing and recreational tourism.

One of the greatest attractions of the park is the Tara River Canyon, the longest in Europe and second longest in the world, after the Grand Canyon in Colorado, with a length of 78 kilometers and a depth of 1,300 meters. For its part, the crystal-watered river possesses noteworthy flora and fauna. But what is more, the park houses 16 glacial lakes, standing out among them the Black Lake, the largest and most spectacular of all, as it is formed of two lakes which are connected depending on the season of the year. A real natural spectacle.

Due to its geographical location and altitude, the park is under the influence of the Mediterranean and Alpine climates, which results in an exceptional range of flora and fauna species that would be difficult to find anywhere else. Hence why the more that 2,000 kilometers of hiking paths throughout it, including a large number of glacial paths, all perfectly signposted, have made it one of the paradises within Europe for nature tourism.


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