If you're planning to take your pet with you on your next vacation, keep in mind that a little advance preparation goes a long way! In order to make sure the two of you have fun and stay safe on your travels, it's important to ensure that your dog or cat will have everything he or she needs to remain calm, comfortable, and happy for the duration of your trip together. Here are some tips for traveling with your pet hassle-free, whether by air, land, or sea.



Choose Direct Flights

If you're flying with your pet, try to keep his or her time in the air as short as possible. Flying can be stressful for dogs and cats, and a shorter duration flight is always the best option. Whenever you can, select direct, nonstop flights to your destination rather than flights with one or more layovers. Not only will this keep your pet's anxiety at a minimum, but it will also help both of you get from Point A to Point B more quickly and easily. Not having to change planes also greatly reduces the risk of any separation from your pet.



Crate Expectations

Not all travel pet crates are created equal! It's important to do a little research to figure out which crate is best for your pet's upcoming journey. You'll need a USDA-approved shipping crate to be allowed to board a flight with your four-legged pal. Look for a crate that allows your pet enough room to comfortably stand, and take care to line it with absorbent bedding or shredded paper towels in case of in-flight accidents or water spills. Be sure to put your pet's name, your name and phone number, and a photo of your pet on the outside of the crate in a visible area, and write "Live Animal" somewhere it is sure to be seen, so airline personnel will be able to get your pet back to you quickly upon landing.



Potty Time!

If your pooch or kitty is coming along with you on a road trip, it is important to make sure that you're scheduling an adequate number of pit stops for the long drive. Pets- especially dogs- need to go at least once every two to three hours, and also need an opportunity to run around and stretch their legs. This will cut down on the chance of backseat accidents, and keep your pet comfortable and happy for the length of the trip. For flights, make sure your pet evacuates shortly before boarding, and for longer flights, consider putting him or her on a fast to avoid inflight "accidents," whether traveling in the cabin or cargo hold.



Keep Pets Calm

If your pet is prone to anxiety or doesn't like tons of change, he or she may find traveling more stressful than fun. Fortunately, there's something you can try: CBD oil has shown to be an effective measure for combating anxiety in dogs, as well as humans. Talk to your vet about CBD hemp oil for dogs. If your veterinarian agrees that a dose of CBD prior to travel may help calm your dog down, make sure to take some with you on your journey and follow dosage instructions for his or her breed and weight.



Travel is one of the most important experiences in life, and it gives us a chance to broaden our horizons and see new things. Since your pet is one of the biggest, best parts of your life, it's natural to want to bring him or her along on all your travel adventures! By being prepared and taking time to think about all the things your cat or dog will need throughout the trip, you can cut down on the hassles associated with traveling with a pet and have a fun-filled vacation full of great memories.

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