Major Tourist Attraction In Uttarakhand

Bored of your generic travel to same old spas and resorts? Try Rishikesh. Located near the foot hills of the Mighty Himalayas, Rishikesh is famous as place of pilgrimage and a hub of adventure sports. The most famous of all the adventure sports it offers is River Rafting.

River rafting is an adrenaline-packed water sport, in which a group of people navigate the treacherous rapids of a river on inflatable boats or rafts. While quite safe under expert supervision of trained professionals, it is risky enough to give you the adrenaline boost required to make your travel a lot more interesting.

Some popular spots in Rishikesh for river rafting experiences are Shivpuri River Rafting Point, Marine Drive (not the one in Mumbai), and Kaudiyala. These places guarantee a once in a life time experience of River Rafting.

The best time to enjoy river rafting in Rishikesh is from October till June. While summer (March till June) is a preferred time to crash into the rapids, river rafting high season also occupies the October to Mid November season and the low season extends through winter (from Mid November till February). Weekdays are always available to those who prefer peace and quiet whereas weekends are pretty much booked in advance during the peak season.

Rishikesh offers different grades of difficulty in white water rafting, which range from simple to very dangerous with the possibility of serious injuries:-

• Grade I: Performed on very small rough areas and might require slight maneuvering. Little or no experience on a raft is required for this level.

• Grade II: Performed on some rough water amidst some rocks and might require some maneuvering. Basic paddling skill is required for this level.

• Grade III: Performed on small waves which might be accompanied with a small drop, but has no considerable danger. Significant maneuvering and some experience in rafting required for this level.

• Grade IV: Performed on whitewater and medium waves. There may be rocks or a considerable drop. Sharp maneuvers and exceptional rafting experience is required for this level.

There are several benefits of river rafting in Rishikesh. Two of many benefits are listed below-

1. Overcome Fear – The experience of rafting can make you overcome the fear of water speed and water sports. It is an enriching experience that one can have.

2. Learning about yourself – There are several things like situation handles skills, strength and attentiveness that you don’t know about yourself. This experience can help you explore yourself as well.

The best way to get the most out of this experience is get your bookings done from your preferred service provider before hand. Nobody like a long waiting time. You might also be able to get discounts and offers on pre booking. The price of the experience ranges somewhere between Rs.500/- to Rs.800/-. There are other amazing places like Corbett National Park that you can visit in Uttarakhand, but if you are doing river rafting in Rishikesh, you are sure to have an unparalleled experience.

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