Inca Trail Machupicchu VS Inca Trail Lake of The Condors
Machupicchu is not all Peru
Lake of The Condors ( Leymebamba Chachapoyas )
Archeological complex composed of six mausoleums, presents architectural features of the Chachapoyas Civilization and is decorated with paintings in which were found close to one hundred bales funeral, fine fabrics, wooden carved ceramics, decorated quipus mates, crowns and various objects of great value. It is located in the district of Leymebamba. To reach the site, it is necessaryto to go by horse an average of ten hours from Leymebamba.
To visit all the archeological site, 3 days are required not only becuase of the location of the archaeological ress but also because of the rough area. It's called " Lake of the Condors " because the first people who discovered it, stated that over the impressive lake, whose waters are blue-green, in previous years Condors flying could be appreciated . Around this beautiful lagoon are the old buildings (mausoleums) and in its interiors were found funerary bales, objects and crafts, which have now been transferred to the museum of Leymebamba.
This is a horseback expedition to the mausoleum where 219 mummies were discovered and documented on the Discovery Channel in 1998. This site is located on a cliff above a huge alpine lake. In the rainy season this is behind a waterfall from the cliff above. This appears to be a very sacred site where dead leaders were mummified and brought here from far away. In Leymebamba we will see these mummies and a large treasure of artifacts in the museum donated by the Austrians.
Axel Tippe

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