A friend of mine recently asked me a question,she said ''sweety,i have finally realized life is worthless.
I work 17 hours a day (two jobs) and i get paid shitty salary that can't even pay my rent!.tell me Rita,what's the essence of life?''.
hearing the pain in her voice,i couldnt help but reach for her two hands,held them in mine,squezed them lightly ,looked into her eyes and replied ''life is life darling...live it,love it.being alive talking to me today is a blessing...appreciate it''.
That was all the consolation she needed for being overworked and underpaid.We hugged for a good 4mins few seconds,afterwards we spent the rest of the evening chatting over a good bottle of wine...loving life!.

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Comment by rita on August 26, 2010 at 11:51am

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