Culinary Trends for 2015: How London's Dining Scene Is Evolving

London’s food scene is reimagining itself, owing to the continental drift and the evolving tastebuds of its population. From exquisite connoisseur joints offering global cuisine to sinfully delicious street-food escapades, haute new trends are giving this food capital a culinary makeover. The dining capital of Europe is enjoying its umpteenth revival with these restaurant trends in 2015:

Late-night Eating and Drinking

Much like New York, London has now evolved into a 24-hour city. This is a trend that is dawning late but is descending now, unlike anywhere else in the world. As distinction between café and restaurant become fluid, late night bars & lounges are helping diners to enjoy their food & cocktail together like never before. Londoners have finally started to embrace late-night eating and drinking options with an unrestrained delight.

Fascinating New Menus

Fast fine food, rotisserie vegetables and succulent kebabs - such new plats du jour have made their way into the menu of most of the city restaurants. Chefs from as far as Tokyo and Mexico have started to flock to London to enable its people experience new and exotic cuisines. Authentic Thai dishes are also leading the race with the new openings of Thai restaurants, especially in Soho and Peckham.

Continental Drift

The city is experiencing continental drift with growing number of younger and affluent diners from different continents, converging here. From quick-casual tuck-ins to Michelin-starred restaurants, chefs are making huge changes in their menus to cater to the varied hunger pangs of these millennial.

Multi-Sensory Dining Feel

Finger-licking food isn't the only delectable experience that London has to offer. Dining, drinking and spectacular performances go hand in hand at some of the best restaurants in London. Extravagant live shows and spectacular cuisines at these restaurants-cum-entertainment venues are meant to fist ignite and then satiate the sensory thirst.

Flavour with Fusion

Stronger flavours have become more prevalent and cuisine fusion is driving experimentation & innovation in the London food market. The restaurant scene is evolving with unusual cuisines and ethnic influences that are mixing across menus. Even casual dining environments such as bars and pubs are also coming out with an array of cuisines to provide diners a full on gastronomic experience.

London’s dining culture is pushing the boundaries of innovation in restaurants, bars and cafés. Culinary London, which once used to be a French-influenced cuisine centred on the West End, has now become a city of amazing breakfasts, earthy delights and late-night munchies!

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