Level in design and service at Melia Hanoi

It can be said, Hanoi is a very famous tourist destination of Vietnam. Every year, it attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore. It also contains many historical and cultural relics. When you come to Hanoi you will find the land where there is a friendly life from baby to old man. You will discover many interesting things when stopping at a hotel in Hanoi and a hotel you can count on when you stop at Hanoi Melia Hotel, located in the heart of Hoan Kiem district.

When you are on the high floor of the hotel, you will have a glimpse of the whole city and its beautiful scenery, a very attractive place for those who travel to Hanoi. The rooms have very unique and luxurious amenities you can use according to your preferences. You can also experience and enjoy the dishes prepared by the hotel's restaurants, dishes are diverse and rich, the cuisine is a combination of food in the world and Vietnamese cuisine. Nam, make you attractive while enjoying or you can also go to Vietnamese restaurant, Thailand will serve you dishes like Vietnam, Thailand, China. There are also cakes and bars to let you relax in a space of your own.
Just like other hotels in Hanoi, Melia Hanoi Hotel will provide you with all the facilities and the best service. But the special thing that Melia hotel in Hanoi can bring is that the hotel is very close to the cultural relics, tourist attractions as well as the shopping and entertainment district of Hanoi.

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