Koh Tao – Thailand’s Island Paradise

A cloudless sky, the song of birds carried in the wind laced with the calm sound of waves crashing into each other and scent of the sea filled air. White sands and a turquoise sea that is so clear you can see the fish swimming. Have you ever wondered what paradise would be like? Stop wondering, paradise is a plane ride away in Koh Tao, Thailand.

The name Koh Tao means Turtle Island. Koh Tao is one of the three islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao is the smallest of them all. The island was initially declared a political prison in the 1930s and to date has chains and shackles from that time. In 1947, the then Prime Minister pardoned all the prisoners and these returned to their families on the mainland. Years later two brothers sailed to Koh Tao and upon settling they began farming vegetables and harvesting coconuts on the island. Fishing too was good and the land produced an abundant yield which attracted others to the island.

Today, the island is a totally different place from the days those two brothers first arrived. The island has a reputation of being a quiet tropical paradise and one of the best islands in the Gulf of Thailand. 

All visitors to the island arrive and leave from the capital of Mae Head, which is a metropolitan area filled with shops and amenities. The true paradisiac feature of the island is on Sairee Beach, this beach houses the majority of all restaurants, bars and accommodation for visitors to the island. Sairee Beach is the main beach resort of the island and is the busiest part of the island. The beach is a long stretch of white sand that gently slides into the sea which is good for swimming and as clear as day. There are some coral reefs nearby which makes it good for snorkeling. While paradise may paint a picture of quietness, serenity and after a while boredom; Koh Tao does not capitulate to boredom.

By day the island offers island excursions and underwater excursions while diving and swimming with the fishes. The night life on the beach has many places to let your hair down while you enjoy a variety of good foods both traditional and international as well as exotic drinks that can only make paradise enjoyable. While some yearn for peace and quiet both day and night there are many spots on the island that offer quietness. The southern part of the beach offers the busiest night life of all while the northern side of the beach is quieter and more relaxed.  

If you have ever dreamt of waking up in paradise, you will only ever experience this when you rouse from sleep in one of the best Koh Tao resorts. Accommodation on the Sairee Beach caters for any budget as well as any tastes. For a more ethnic feel, visitors can enjoy the comfort of a fan hut or for a formal feel, international standard hotels or enjoy the serenity and privacy of the island in private villas. When swimming in the sea has slightly lost its allure resorts offer swimming pools that mirror the sea around them.

Patios are a common feature which give that dreamy feel when watching the sunset and the awe inspiring wind in your hair feel while watching the sun rise.

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