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When one thinks of a kenya adventure safari, one thinks of Africa and African Home Adventure Safaris Kenya and Tanzania, specifically east Africa. Immediately images of wildlife, the sun, endless golden terrain, exotic flora and fauna, tropical sandy beaches, strong smiling people with mystical lifestyles and traditions all come to mind. The beauty of the bush and excitement of a kenya adventure safari are what makes an African safari such a magical experience.

To just give you a taste of Kenyan beauty, i'll start by telling  you why Kenya is where the original adventure safari experience began and  why It still remains one of the most popular destination for safaris in the world.

Kenya is Africa's number one tourist destination South of the Sahara, with an incredible tourist infrastructre and the best range of accommodation in the continent. It boasts one of the greatest wildlife population in the world. Some unique and much of it rare.

It is blessed with a spectacular scenery as well as unique wildlife. There are approximately 1500 species in birdlife which makes Kenya perhaps the finest country in Africa for bird watching. The best place for an excellent bird watching is Lake Nakuru National Park

Its blessed with diversity of culture and  faunas and floras . Besides being the home of a big five, e.g  Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo, it accommodates industrious dung beetles, brilliant coloured butterflies,and rare chameleons. With all this and given the climate and  natural spectacle, A Kenya holiday safaris is certain to be the adventure of a lifetime.

It has many reserves and game parks where you'll be able to have an excellent view of almost all the animals.
One of the most popular and spectacular  reserve in Kenya is Masai Mara. The park is well developed, some say over-developed and well served with rough game veiwing tracks, passable to most vehicles during dry weather.
Its where you'll experience the ebb and flow of hundreds of Wildbeests and Zebras from the Serengeti in Tanzania which was recently named the wonder of the world. The migration is  considered the most impressive natural  spectacles in the world which occurs every July-August. Accommodations are offered in luxury tented camps and lodges in this park. You cant believe being habited in the same park with most dangerous animals in the planet. Well,  this does happen here in Kenyan parks  because safety is total guaranteed. This is good because you might have an awesome view the crazy drama of the cats devouroing their predators.

Apart from bush safari adventures, Kenya has beautiful sandy beaches along its coastline. These are southern coastlines and Northern coasstlines. A gentle, cool breeze blows here throughout the day. Marine form of life is at its best view here. Dolphins, fishes, sea turtles, etc are commonplace here.

Another important attraction among beaches in Kenya is the Lamu Island. It is a must-see place for those who wish to explore the mysticism of Kenyan waters. A serene tropical island, Lamu has a huge number of villages nestled on the coastline. Coconut and mango trees are found aplenty in this region.

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