Interesting Facts about Mediterranean Cruise Holidays

The Mediterranean Sea was an important route for western seafarers of the ancient world. Trade and culture spread from this route to other parts of the world over thecenturies. Today, the Mediterranean is a major tourist destination on the map.

Yachts, catamarans, sail boats and ferry boats can be seen gliding the famous blue waters. People seeking sun, sea, and sand come to the islands of the Mediterranean, and a thriving tourism industry welcomes them. Moreover,transportation and accommodations are easy to come by, in this region. To make it easy for tourists, Mediterranean cruise holidays can be booked online. Furthermore, you gain important information while traveling to the islands such as the unique Mediterranean culture, language, cuisine and tour sites. You can also obtain information on currency exchange rates, ferry services, hotel tariff and other entertainment fee.

Interesting Facts about Mediterranean Cruise Holidays

The Mediterranean region straddles three major continents, i.e., Asia, Europe, and Africa. This factor results in an interesting mix of cultures in the region.

The Strait of Gibraltar is considered as the Pillars of Hercules as per ancient Greek mythology. It separates Morocco from Spain, and connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean Sea is actually an ocean! Geologists have discovered oceanic crust underneath its waters.

The ancient cultures that thrived in the region were Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Carthaginian, Levantine, Roman, Greek, Moorish, Phoenician and the Turkish.

The Mediterranean diet comprises of nuts, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, olive oil with reasonable amounts of poultry, fish, yogurt, cheese, wine, and low consumption of meat products, red meat, and eggs. No wonder, nutritionists readily prescribe this diet.

It is not surprising that these factors magnetize travelers to visit this exotic locale. Owing to this fact, Greek Isles holiday packages are on the rise. The Mediterranean cruise holidays allow vacationers to visit a vast number of countries and cultures in a short span. You can expect to interact with a variety of people, their unique history, language, culture, and food.

Holiday seekers can travel and explore various seaports, islands, beautiful cathedrals, and historic museums. The east coast of Spain is the favorite among Greek Isels holiday packages buyers. It offers the Balearic Islands that allow people to explore beaches, caves, and peaks.

The port of Mahon is another chief stoppage of Mediterranean cruises. It is the seaport and capital of Minorca, and is a natural harbor that features miles of beautiful beaches. Does the idea of the trip through Cairo, Athens, Barcelona, Rome, and Venice appeal to you? If yes, don’t miss the opportunity of travelling to all these places on a single cruise.

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