In Hong Kong, How to Beat the Queues at The Peak

Hong Kong’s no. 1 Tourist Attraction has queues, bloody great big queues.       

The Peak Tram is a wonderful way to travel to The Peak for first time visitors and even for jaded old lags such as myself, I never ever get tired of it.

Which brings me to the subject of queues.
Because The Peak is the no. 1 attraction in Hong Kong and the Peak Tram is the best way to get there, naturally queues form which can be a bit of a bugger in hot and humid weather, the number of ticket options do not help matters and whilst you are sweltering in the heat you are being persuaded to part with your money from employees wanting to take your picture against a backdrop of the Peak and the Peak Tram.

Depending on the time of day and actual day, you could spend 15 - 30 minutes in the queue.

My tip is simple, let us assume you have taken the smart advice and purchased an Octopus Card then simply bypass all the queues and go straight to the staging area for the tram, as Public transport (yes, there are 4 stops before you get to the Peak) the machines accept the Octopus card.

Octopus cards are available at all MTR Stations (our underground / tube / mass transit rail ) and you can use them to pay for all major transport options (except Taxi’s and Yellow Mini Buses) and also at all convenience stores, supermarkets and McDonalds!

You will pay for a one way journey, if you decide to visit the Sky Terrace (for the view) which you have to pay for, you can also pay by Octopus Card at the entrance.

If you choose to return to Central by the Peak Tram then simply use your Octopus Card again.

Simple ‘innit and you beat the queues.


Jamie Lloyd

J3 Tours Hong Kong


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