How your group can have it both ways when hiking the Inca Trail: strenuous & easy

Adios Adventure Travel offers families and small groups the option to divide their members up between those who can and want to hike the strenuous 4-Day Inca Trail and those who prefer the easy 1-Day Inca Trail hike. (no camping)  Both groups hike over the Sungate into the ruins to meet up in Machu Picchu for a grand guided tour.

How it works:

Groups arrive in Cusco together and spend the first 2 days exploring Cusco & surrounding sites to allow time to acclimate to the 11,000f/3350m elevation. Then the 4 -Day hikers & their guide will begin their hike, while the 1 day hikers & their guide do day hikes in Cusco and Sacred Valley.  These activities are customized to the needs of your group members.

Ultimately the two groups come together at the end in Machu Picchu.  (although not necessarily at the same time)

Ideally, both groups will overnight in a hotel near Machu Picchu then return the next day for private, guided tour and time to explore the ruins on their own. 

Who is it for:

This option works very well for groups of varying ages and abilities.  Or families with multiple generations, where there is disparity in the interests or fitness level of members. 

What if you have members of your group who are not interested in hiking at all?

There is even a 3rd option to not hike at all and take the train.  The activities for the non-hikers can be modified to meet their needs. 

We have become experts at setting up these modules to meet the needs of travelers with different needs and interest.  If you have questions about other options, feel free to ask. 

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