Vietnam is one of the most exquisite countries on the planet with its stunning beaches and rivers, lively cities and Buddhist pagodas. When it comes to tourist, the country has some exotic places that one can visit depending on their taste. Since the country has everything to offer from calm beaches to bustling cities, many travelers find it hard to figure out the duration of their trip when it comes to planning it.

You can divide Vietnam into three parts; North Vietnam, Central Vietnam and South Vietnam. If you are planning on traveling throughout the country then you should start from one end and finish at the other but if you have a specific taste when it comes to vacation then you need to hit your desired spots instead of wasting time. Depending on the number of places that you want to visits, the duration of your trip in Vietnam can vary. It is common for people to stay for 3 weeks to more than a month in order to explore the famous places throughout the country.

We are going to point out some of the best places in Vietnam that you can travel to as a tourist and how much time you should spend at each location. This guide will surely help you figure out how many days you need to spend in Vietnam.

  1. Hanoi

It is the capital of Vietnam filled with exciting sites, great shopping stations and some real tasty cuisine.  You must visit the Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and Hoan Kiem Lake and explore the streets of the old quarter. Average tourist spends 2-3 days in Hanoi during their trip.

  1. Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the most popular places to visit in Vietnam because of its emerald waters and limestone islands that are covered by rainforests. You can take the Halong Bay cruises rides to travel through the different shaped islands and explore the beauty of area.

  1. Sapa

In the North of Hanoi, Sapa is a must place to visit for individuals who love the scenic beauty of terraced landscapes. Ethnic minority tribes reside in the area so you can meet them and learn about their cultural and ways and also shop for souvenirs. A day or two in the area is enough to explore the whole place.

  1. Haiphong

Haiphong is an incredible place in Vietnam filled with beautiful scenery, sandy beaches filled with cultural and lavishing night light for tourists to enjoy. You can easily explore the extravagant lifestyle within a day or two.

  1. Phong Nha

Phong Nha is like the adventure park of Vietnam filled with interesting and enthralling outdoor adventures and world’s biggest caves. You can spend from 1-4 days in the area exploring several caves and the Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park along with indulging yourself in a number of activities such as bicycling, camping, kayaking, trekking and swimming.

  1. Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is the geographic heart of the nation with three major cities; Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang. It is blessed with historic sights, stunning beaches, and gigantic national parks. You can explore Hue’s Imperial Citadel along with the royal tombs. To revisit the ancient times, hit the preserved ancient towns in Hoi An where you will notice the perfect blend of changing eras. Tourists mostly spend a week exploring the Central Vietnam.

Final Words

If you are still unable to decide and have no idea how you are going to travel through the country then you can always book Vietnam full package private tour with travel companies to make your vacation much relaxing since you won’t have to do any planning yourself.

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