How Do I Reserve Seats on American Airlines?

Air travel is considered as the fastest and safest mode of travel. You can easily board the plane and fly to the destination of your desire. Though, it is costly but most comfortable too. However, airline services serve both domestic as well as international destinations. 

There is a number of airline companies available who offer the best in class services to the customers. American Airlines is one such service that is known for offering exceptional services with luxury and comfort.

Taking place in 1930, American Airlines is considered to be the biggest airline in the world according to considerations such as income, armada size, number of destinations they serve, number of travelers carried per flight, number of passengers-kilometers take wing, etc. The American airline is headquartered in Texas but has an operations center in about 10 hubs. American Airlines is known to serve around 6,700 flights to approximately 350 destinations in more than 50 countries on a daily basis. 

However, you can get your American Airlines Flights tickets by navigating through a simple reservation process. If you want to know how to reserve seats or booking with American Airlines, have a sneak look at the below steps. 

  • First log-in to American Airlines and go to View Trip section
  • Then log-in to your American Airlines account and see the US Airways award flight reservation.
  • Browse Your Trips
  • Then select “My Trips / Check-In” to view the list of your journeys.
  • The next process is to choose the A Advantage trip where you can reserve a US Airways seat. After you pick the tour, you’ll be able to see all of the reservation details such as the US AIRWAYS RECORD LOCATOR! 
  • Now provide your record Locator At US Airways

  • Next, you’ll need to move to US Airways and enter your Record Locator.
  • Choose your Seats on US Airways Operated Flight
  • Select your seats on a US Airways Operated flight by tapping the “seats” button 
  • Choose US Airways Seat on American Airlines
  • Now pick your Seat and Enjoy
  • The last step is to pick your seat sensibly and enjoy the flight.

This is how you can execute the American Airlines Reservations seat process.

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