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6 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Visit to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major financial hub of the world, but there’s more to this city than meets the eye. It has held top position as one of the most visited destinations in the world. Always teeming with people and full of activities, Hong Kong may appear overwhelming to first-time visitors. This post provides some tips on where to stay, where to go, and what to do to make your maiden trip to this magnificent city easier and hassle-free. Find out before you book your Hong Kong packages.

Stay in Budget Hotels

Spend less on accommodations and more on sightseeing and fun activities. Most Hong Kong tour packages will show you that the city has a long list of pocket-friendly hotels that are located at accessible points. Foreign travelers can either walk or take a cab to reach these hotels. Golden Ocean, Central Mini Hotel, Travelodge Central, and Hotel Pandora are a handful of the low-cost hotels in the city where you can stay during your visit.

Always Keep an Umbrella Handy

If there is anything else apart from life that is unpredictable, it is the weather in Hong Kong. Hong Kong receives more than 100 days of rainfall between June and September on average. So, never step out of your hotel without an umbrella in your hand. In case you forgot it, there are many shops on the way that where you can easily buy one. Don’t let rain be a spoilsport to your Hong Kong holiday.

Know the Cheap Places to Eat

Generally, Hong Kong is an expensive place when it comes to food, but still there are a few places where you can eat really cheap. Dim Sum Square on 88 Jervois Street, and Tim Ho Wan on 18 Hoi Ting Road are two such places where tourists can go for super cheap and delicious local cuisines along with great service. Two persons can easily enjoy hearty meals at under $100 HKD or 885 rupees. So, never go hungry when you are on a tour of the city. Make the most of your Hong Kong holiday packages.

Use an Octopus Card

Octopus Card is an ubiquitous card that, like many of the locals in Hong Kong, travelers can use to pay for transport and convenience stores. The card costs $150 HKD, inclusive of a $100 HKD credit and a refundable deposit of $50 HKD. You can buy the card at the Airport Express Counter, and MTR subway stations. Return the card to these same locations just before you leave the city at the end of your trip. The counters will refund the $50 HKD and also remaining credit on the card, if any.

Taxi Services are Cheap

AC, metered, tidy, and cheap - what more can you ask for in a taxi? In an otherwise expensive city, budget taxi services come as a pleasant surprise to many visitors who are taking Hong Kong tour packages for the first time. The initial 2 kms cost just $22 HKD and an additional $1.60 HKD for every 200 meters after that distance. Uber service is also available in Hong Kong, though its fares are a bit on the higher side compared to local taxis.

Take the Airport Express

The Airport Express makes connectivity between the Hong Kong International Airport and rest of the city seamless. The train covers the distance between the airport and principal areas in Hong Kong in just 24 minutes. Travel with ease, comfort, and faster on this line, whether it is your first visit to the city or repeat visit. Board the train after you clear the formalities for immigration and customs. The train comes at a frequency of 12 minutes, and one way travel costs $47 HKD or 419 rupees only.

Final Thoughts

Planning to take Hong Kong holiday packages from Ahmedabad? You’ve done the right thing; it is a great destination to visit at least once during a lifetime. Just remember the pointers we discussed above for a problem-free holiday and to do justice to your Hong Kong packages. Choose an attractive Hong Kong vacation today, and look forward to a thrilling experience in ‘Asia's World City.’

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