5 Tips to Avoid ‘Highway Hypnosis’ on Road Trips


Road trips are always a cool mix of adventure and fun.  It is one of the most exciting ways of travelling and exploring the world on wheels. But you also need to be aware about some situations that are associated with such trips. There is one term associated with the road trips, that is, ‘highway hypnosis – a state in which the driver’s conscious mind is focussed elsewhere but he keeps driving. This has led to many accidents on the highway.  

There are few tips below which will help you avoid the threat of highway hypnosis:

Sleep well the night before you start
– Driving is a continuous thing, which demands attentive mind and energetic body. You have to take care of your lane, safe distance from the other vehicles, driving rules and what not. If you have taken a good long sleep in the night, you will not need to struggle with those heavy eyes. With adequate sleep, you're less likely to encounter the intense urge to sleep while driving.

Starts the journey at the break of dawn
Start your day early morning. At this time physical energy is at its highest level and the mind is at calm. This will help you cover more miles in less time. Driving on the highways for hours can be a boring and monotonous job. Staying stress less is the key to safe long distance driving and this will certainly help you out.

Travel loan - Don’t let the financial worries distract you
–While driving if you are thinking about money management or have a stress about any financial issue, you can easily slip into the state of highways hypnosis due to lack of mental awareness. Thus, it is better to take a travel loan and own the adequate money during your trip. Availing loan from an online loan market will be a better option, as these platforms are much faster than the mainstream banks. The lenders provide instant loans without any obligations. For example, the no guarantor loans are easy to avail, as no second applicant is required to get the approval. Whole procedure is done online which again ensures the actuality of speedy approval and timely disbursals.

Louder music, safer you
- This may sound weird, but louder music prevents diversion of mind and drags your attention on the activity you are doing. The moment you feel you are losing your concentration or feeling sleepy, increase the volume of the music and let the high decibels keep you awake. But remember do it only with the consent of other people sitting with you in the vehicle. You will never want to have a fight about this, as this will also distract you from driving.

Right posture will also help
- Always sit up straight. Never try to lean back it will make you feel sleepy. Keep your back straight and eyes on the road. These very basic but effect ways will help you maintain the right posture. In case you feel tired, stop the car (obviously, not in the middle of the road), come out and do some simple stretching exercises. It will make your strained nerves relieved.

Road trips are all about maintaining a good routine and good energy level. Keep yourself fresh and hydrated. Avoid heavy meals and feed the tummy with light snacks while driving. And yes, one last tip, whenever you find a beautiful piece of landscape in your way take a break and click some pictures. It will help you kill the boredom and the monster of highway hypnosis.

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