Here's What Kanthalloor as a Perfect Honeymoon Destination in Kerala could Provide You

If marriages are made in heaven, honeymoons should be at any magical place like that of Kanthalloor. This is a small village near Marayoor in the Idukki district, where the verdant hills would be seen touching the clouds. Newlyweds could easily reach the beautiful destination by heading to the north-eastern side of the more popular Munnar, which is at a distance of 49 km. And once you arrive at Kanthalloor, you both are going to experience that absolute tranquillity at such a relaxing atmosphere. Even otherwise, stepping on to the bustles of everyday life soon after your hectic wedding session will be tiring for you as a couple. Therefore, a honeymoon trip to the destination like Kanthalloor could bring refreshing to you. Moreover, the awesome tourist place has also got some surprises for the honeymooners visiting them.

Given below are the offers that you could avail while honeymooning in the enticing valley Kanthalloor in Kerala.      

Refreshing cool climate

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The hill station of Kanthalloor is often recorded to be coolest places of the entire state, with the temperatures dipping to 5 degree Celsius during winter seasons when the weather of Kerala by default is very tropical. Recently in January of 2019, the open area of Kanthalloor saw them covered in an alluring layer of frost.  Moreover, the enthralling place lies around 1547 m above sea level, so you would obviously be feeling that mild temperature with tolerable weather. Nevertheless, honeymooners would get to experience its cool weather if planned to drop in during the winters. So in the stay, you could also mount up to any hilltop and witness the misty clouds playing hide and seek with you.

Stay at a beautiful resort

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As the tourism development and its prospects had been flourishing to a greater extent in the hill station of Kanthalloor, numerous splendid resorts are growing up. Lately, they are now turning out be one of the sought after honeymoon destinations of Kerala. Furthermore, most of these places of accommodation are set at those significant locations of Kanthalloor, from the balconies of which, you will be able to catch a glimpse of breath-taking sceneries. So why are you waiting for? You also could book any of the cheapest honeymoon packages and head to this picturesque hill station. In the peaceful ambience of this stay, you could get to know more about your better half closely, without anybody’s unnecessary interference.

 A basket full of fresh fruits

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The villages of Kanthalloor are known for its cultivation of fruits and vegetables. So when you are honeymooning in the sumptuous village of Kanthalloor, you may buy them directly from the farmers growing them. The tastes of these natural products would be the best among you had ever tasted, as they are cultivated by sheer organic methods. Even if you have no intentions of purchasing them and take back home, you may merely go romantic getaway to those fields. The Village dwellers who do this sort of farming belong to some tribal groups, so on interacting with them, you could acquire some traditional knowledge of these sorts of fruits and vegetable collection. Among which, the apple farm of Kanthalloor is most famous. Other leading crops grown in the place constitute of orange, pomegranate, lemon, fig, strawberry, plum, pear, passion fruit and many more. 

The enchanting view of the Kanthalloor valley

From each of their viewpoint, you could get to behold some spectacular sights of the valley down the hill. There could be the high hills bordering the small villages that grow some brightly coloured crops in their terrace fields. Coloured roofs of their small houses will look even more minute and adorable when viewed from the top of these hills. Try to witness them in the bird eye's view during any of those sunny days of your honeymooning. Otherwise, the clouds could hamper your views of these valleys. However, but particular instance too would be best utilised by making your dear spouse pose for a picture at that ethereal natural setting.

Magical photo shoot sessions

Romance is in the air of Kanthalloor, so the couples who are on their honeymoon in Kerala and preferred as a location for their post-wedding photoshoots are going to have their day. So you are not experiencing any difficulty in showing up that sweet romantic expression on your face while clicking those epic photographs as nature would be supporting you in every way. Such a situation would be an added boon other than the charming landscapes of Kanthalloor. In your snaps, you may capture bewitching greenery, majestic peaks and the misty cloud veiling them. In addition to that, many other spots of the hill station are unexplored and untouched by human hands. Therefore, your photographing team could also venture out to the wild, but care must be taken to not to harm them.

Those spectacular sights of waterfalls

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The remarkable view of cascading falls is going to soothe any nature lover and not alone the couples vacationing in the unpolluted regions of Kanthalloor. Adorable rivulets formed from the tributaries of the larger Periyar River can be spotted at many unpredicted locations of the dense forest covers of Kanthalloor. When these small streams do flow from the top of those large rocks, they end up in the formation of stunning waterfalls. There are mainly two such cascading falls in the hill station, namely Kanthalloor waterfalls and Thoovanam waterfalls. So while you are on that special trip to the destination, you may make a visit to them accompanying your significant other and cherish those special moments.

Planning to spend your honeymoon at an alluring destination of Kanthalloor could be one of the best decisions that you take together thereafter your marriage. Nevertheless, your first ever romantic trip together should not end up in the valley. Instead, they can be extended over to some other enticing locations spread across the state. Many of them such as Munnar, Mattupetty, Marayur, Kulachivayal Rocks, Pattissery Dam and Thoovanam Waterfalls could be reached by travelling a few distances from Kanthalloor. So you as a couple could book any of the exciting honeymoon packages once contacting Dream Holidays and inform them about your travel preferences. The popular tour operator could fulfil your dream of honeymooning at any such heavenly locations along with the special person of your life. So just pick off any of their exciting tour packages and make that possible. You could get in touch with their tour consultant by ringing them up or chatting online in the WhatsApp number provided on their website.

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