Hawksbill Turtle Lays Her Eggs: What an Experience for Your Holiday in the Seychelles!

24th September 2010: What an exciting day we have had our first Hawskbill Turtle laying her eggs at Anse Forbans beach. But unfortuntely this young turtle decided to lay her eggs in the wrong place.
We where concerned for the safety of the nest and contacted the Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles for advice.

The Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles arrived and after a short discussion it was decided the best thing to do is to move the nest to a safe spot - it was decided that between units 6 and 7 @ Chalets d' Anse Forbans was the ideal location.

The Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles and some of Chalets d' Anse Forbans clients got to work digging out the eggs to relocate the nest. A total of 182 eggs where placed in the new nest and a total of 4 eggs where lost in the move. Chalets d' Anse Forbans have marked off the area and in 60 days time we will have hatchlings heading to the ocean!!

Thanks to a job well done to the Marine Conservation Society and to our Neighbour Pat who alerted us to the turtle laying her eggs.

Chalets d' Anse Forbans offers you the ideal Seychelles Self Catering Beach Accommodation on the hawksbill turtle nesting beach of Anse Forbans. View our website -http://www.forbans.com

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