The island of Ibiza is one of the top destinations in the world when it comes to having fun; finding work in Ibiza is basically easy. You can find websites – simply by carrying out a Google search, which will provide detailed information of bars, clubs, restaurants and events that are recruiting staff and you’ll be in pole position to secure one of the roles at Ibiza. This generally means that your dream job in Ibiza is closer than you may think. Just like working in any part of the world, remember that confidence is key when trying to bag your dream job – don’t be shy and get involved as much as you can, since Ibiza is also known by most people as the fun island.

There are lots of jobs available at Ibiza and if customer service is top of your agenda or you know your way around a commercial kitchen, then you can opt for the restaurant work. It generally doesn’t matter if you’re a waiting staff, a bar staff or kitchen staff, working at a restaurant is a great way to earn some cash in Ibiza and still have midnight until morning free to hit the clubs if you feel like it.

It is however important to keep in mind that restaurant jobs tend to require more of a professional composition than many other Ibiza professions. Note that there’s absolutely no drinking on the job, unlike other jobs you find in Ibiza, you’ll always have to be really polite to customers, and it goes without saying that you need to be able to focus and do your job properly and professionally at all times. This is basically why restaurant jobs are in high demand in Ibiza and only those who are prepared to work hard will be hired – so keep that in mind when looking for a job in Ibiza. For individuals who have some experience in waiting tables or customer service, the restaurant job is ideal for them. You could be rushed off your feet and you’ll have to keep smiling, even with the most difficult of customers.

If you are visiting Ibiza on a budget, one good thing about working in a restaurant is that you usually get fed whilst you’re there – so you basically don’t need to spend money on food. You can save a reasonable amount of money by having your main meals on the house at work, which means you have more cash spare to spend on partying and having fun on the island. When it comes to how much you really make, keep in mind that restaurant work isn’t necessarily the best paid, but earnings can depend on how well you do your job. Ideally, wages tend to be basic with tips on top, so like any other job that deals with handling people, if you’re able to charm your customers and provide an impeccable service you’ll be able to cash in and enjoy the extra money.

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