Gold Jewelry- An Integral Part of Indian Culture

The jewelry speaks eons about the pomp and show of the Indian subcontinent. The opulence and rich culture of the country is directly reflected in the loud and heavy jewelry that adorns the women of this colorful country. With gold being the most preferred metal and each woman sporting at least some jewelry made of gold, it is but natural that several jewelers benefit from the intense appreciation of gold that the Indians exhibit.

Not only is the jewelry popular in India, but it is also popular outside the country. The jewelry is sported as a statement and gives off a very exotic and unique vibe. The jewelry is basically chunky in nature though there are more delicate pieces available as well. The weight is much more than jewelry used outside the country. There are several traditional designs which are repeated though new designs are incorporated more and more nowadays. The jewelry can have intricate carvings and designs that depict elephants, peacocks, etc. The jewelry can be very bright and glamorous. Also, stones like diamonds and other semi-precious stones are being used as embellishments to add more glint and gleam to the pieces. Even men sport gold bracelets, chains, rings, etc. with élan. Children also go about wearing earrings, rings, anklets, etc.

The jewelry also varies throughout the country. While in some regions, craftsmen prefer the fine filigree work, other regions are not that into exquisitely carved pieces. The choice of additives like silver and copper also vary from region to region. The polish and the cut of the necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, etc. also vary based upon the regions. Other pieces like amulets, waist bands have become a little more obsolete in today’s times though they are still in use in extreme confines and remote places of the country. Also, pieces that are more in vogue are produced in greater proportions than those that are rarely bought. Several designs are basically timeless and have remained popular throughout. The chandelier design necklace, the queen style necklace and the wedding necklace with beads are very much a part of the regular lifestyle of the country.

With numerous local traders entering the jewelry business, the government has imposed strict norms to regulate the quality. With hallmark stamps being put on jewelry after verification, consumers can rest assured that they are getting the best quality of jewelry. The consumers are more into their trusted jewelers than into high end brands. Jewelry shopping is usually a family affair and the women folk of the house look forward to the occasion.

As Indians are so much into jewelry, gold also occupies sentimental and social status. Brides are adorned with every possible piece of jewelry during marriage. Also, gold reflects the well-being of a household and is revered as well. It is very natural for relatives to gift gold jewelry during marriage and other auspicious occasions. The culture of the vast country is as multi-faceted as anything can ever be and so Indian gold jewelry is as much a part of the boisterous and friendly denizens' life as their numerous festivals and celebrations. Saying that gold jewelry is here to stay in a country like India would be like an understatement.


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