Goa stands as a paradox as it represents the smallest state of India but act as the largest by comprising so many alluring wonders that greatly contributes in its tourism. Goa has the best beaches of India that allures the visitors and tempts them to visit the place again and again. Most of the world is aware that beaches and holidays go hand in hand and Goa is the perfect destination where you can find people enjoying both the aspects. The amazing geographical setting acts as a boon for Goa because the setting endows alluring natural features to this minute state. Both, the mesmerizing natural wonders and intriguing man made attractions equally contributes in Goa tourism and have made this state an eminent tourist destination worldwide. The features and attractions that individually contributes in its tourism are described below to give you an insight that why Goa is being called a traveler’s paradise. India Tourism

Beaches are the dominant attraction of Goa which has been blessed because of the tropical setting and beautifies the whole state in the most mesmerizing manner. The elegant shoreline incorporates some of the most beautiful beaches of the world and presents an amazing panorama to its visitors. The Sand and Sea complements each other in the most beautiful way and the natural foliage around in the form of palm groves make the view so mesmerizing that it tempts the visitor to visit again and again.Goa Holiday Packages

Backwaters decorate some specific regions of South Goa and represent the most beguiling beauty of nature. The enchanting serenity of these backwaters of Goa can be explored at its best with a comfortable houseboat which will endow you a chance to sail through the pristine natural creation in the most efficient way possible.wildlife Holiday packages
Temples are those beautiful attractions of Goa that adorns the interior of the state in the most fantastic way. The interiors incorporate a number of intricately build ancient temples that still retains their old charm and endow amazing spiritualism via the serenity around. There are numerous of temples in Goa and each of them has some unique features and attractions which differentiate them individually.

Churches are equally important attraction that Goa is beautified with. Goa has some most alluring and divine churches of India that are fringed with amazing gothic designs. Mesmerizing Wall paintings equally decorates these churches with other beautiful attractions. Besides the tranquility and spiritualism we find around and in the churches, the presence of a divine soul makes us differentiate these churches from other attractions.India Travel Guide

Waterfalls are other amazing natural creation which Goa incorporates besides the beaches and backwaters. Dhudhsagar waterfalls is a must if you are visiting Goa for your holidays as it will surely doubles up your experience of travelling in Goa.

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