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Next Winter, Get Your Chill On At An Ice Hotel

Many travelers traverse the planet in search of unique adventures, places to eat, and the out of the ordinary places to stay. One adventure, only a lucky few will ever get a chance to experience is to stay at a hotel made of ice, Every winter in Sweden, Norway, and in Quebec, Canada you can go to sleep on a bed made of ice. But you better get there fast before the snow melts your hotel away and you have to wait 9 months, as Ice Hotels are open for business for around three months. Hotels sculptured entirely out of ice may sound like a  freezing endeavor , but you’ll be sleeping in beds equipped with local animal skins such as reindeer and warm sleeping bags keep you warm at night. You can even soak in a hot tub watching the snow fall.

Sculptured Polar Bears Made of Ice

From ice chandeliers to elaborate art carvings, and best of all, an ice bar, with ice stools.  Ice Hotels are the product of a lasting, cold and snowy winter. Ice Hotels are located in Scandinavia and North America are open from January thru March, depending on where you are in the world, and the arrival of Spring. Each ice hotel is rebuilt each year, so coming back the next year, expect your brand  new ice hotel to have a new look, bringing a new experience to each visit. While ice hotels have popped  up in Alaska, Romania, and Iceland,  here are three not to miss.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

The Original and now 22nd Ice Hotel Built in 2011-212 – Swedish, Lapland

Ice Hotel – Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The World’s first and largest ice hotel in the world. Located in Jukkasjärvi, in Swedish Lapland, the hotel is under construction every December and January. During these months visitors can see new additions to the hotel being built during their stay. The hotel is created of frozen water from the Torne River.  Artists from throughout the world converge in this small Swedish village, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, to create an exclusive art exhibition, The Ice Hotel. Sweden’s Ice Hotel is not just a hotel, but a giant, living, art project in the making each winter. While at the Ice Hotel you must take a snowmobile tour of the surrounding area. Say “mush” to a dog sled dog ride through the vast outlands of Lapland. Ski or take a snow shoe adventure. Take a four wheel drive, ATV adventure over the frozen tundra. Meet the local Sami, the native Laplanders who make this region their year round home.

Make Mine A Double – Absolutely Chilled Vodka

Top of your Ice Adventure with a drink of chilled Vodka at the Absolute Ice Bar.


Alta Ice Hotel , Norway

Sit Back and Relax by the Fire Place at The Alta Ice Hotel

Far north near the shores of the  Arctic Ocean in remote Norway, and approximately 250 kilometres or a mere 155 miles from North Cape.  Just outside of the town of Alta, on the banks of the Alta River lies Norway’s version of the ice hotel. There are 30 guest bedrooms, and even two suites. A very cool ice bar to sip, what else, ice cold Vodka. One activity that you will not want to miss is taking a snowmobile tour of the frozen fjords. Ride a dog sled through the wilderness terrain. Try your luck at ice fishing. Immerse yourself in the local culture and get to know the Sami people, the natives northern Scandinavia. Norway boasts the northern most ice hotel in the world. You can even have your wedding in the ice hotel. You will never forget getting married in a church made of ice, cement your vows at the ice chapel, and get married just about as north as any couple has ever tied the knot. Don’t miss the culinary experience at Restaurant Laksestua. Try the fried reindeer and arctic char. Then head to the ice bar for a night cap. 

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife

“Meet The Sami’s” – The Sami People are the Natives of Lapland

Lapland is larger than the entire United Kingdom yet only has a population of under one million.

Only in Norway might you see the Northern Lights during your stay.

Hotel De Glace, Quebec. Canada

Can’t make it to Lapland? A Nordic adventure in Quebec? You bet!  Located at only 10 minutes from downtown Québec City, the Hôtel de Glace is a must-see attraction to discover each winter. The world’s southern most ice hotel. Unique in North America, the Hôtel de Glace has seduced over half a million people around the world since its opening in 2001. To stay at the Hotel De Glace is an experience that you will want to relive year after year. With its huge snow vaults and its crystalline ice sculptures, the Hôtel de Glace impresses with its dazzling decor. From early January to mid to late March enter this magical universe and live an incredible experience by visiting this ephemeral work of art. Choose one of the originally designed 36 bedrooms and theme, décor suites made of ice. Premium theme suites come complete with a fireplace and each hard carved room is unique in style and décor. Spend a relaxing day soaking it up at the outdoor spa, rejuvenate and in the sauna. To stay in a suite with a fire place within a room with a bed of ice is a unique experience that you will never forget.

To stay in the Hotel De Glace, is living a fantasy.


About the Author: Nick Kontis -  Travel Expert and Founder of the World Travel List


Nick Kontis started out as a world traveler at an early age traveling back and forth between California and Greece every summer. But it was a backpacking trip around the world at age 24 that proved to be a life changing experience. After traveling by car, train, , plane, bike and, boat around the world, it would be this trip of a lifetime that would lead to a life as a travel entrepreneur and world traveler. Nick has been on both radio and television. Featured on Arthur Frommer’s television show, and referred by Lonely Planet writers. Frequently mentioned as the “father of around the world airfares.” Arthur Frommer once said, “If Jules Verne were alive today he would use Nick to go around the world in 80 days.” Nick and his various travel companies have sent over 10,000 people taking their dream trip through airfare discounts of as much as 50% off the airlines published fares. Now Nick promotes travel through his World Travel List and ‘Trip Rambler’ by World Travel List. Having traveled to over 80 countries Nick hopes to inspire others to travel the world.


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Comment by David Paul Appell on May 14, 2012 at 6:00pm

I was at the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec a couple of winters ago. Quite an experience! I wrote about it here.

Comment by David Lawrence on May 14, 2012 at 4:20pm

Did this once & thought my nose was gonna freeze off of me. 

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