Dhikala Safari Zone of India's Corbett National Park Reopens

After having been closed in mid-June, the Dhikala Safari Zone will again open for tourist form 15th of November as scheduled every year. It is the most famous tourist zone among all the four tourist zones of Corbett Park. One can perform jeep safaris and canter safaris here but having jeep safari here one needs to have a night-stay permit and canter safari can be done staying outside the core area of national park.

The biggest tourist attraction in the area is Dhikala Forest Lodge. The forest lodge is around 33 kms inside the entry gate of this zone, which is known as Dhangadi Gate. The forest lodge is surrounded by solar fence, which allowed tourist to move around and sit in galley and fell the real wildlife environment. One can easily find lots of articles about night stay experience in Dhikala Forest Lodge but in reality the experience cannot be explain in words. It gives a life time experience.

Beside Dhikala the other safari zones are Bijrani, Zhirna and Durga Devi, which are already opened for tourist form 15thof October. Notable that Durga Devi safari zone is open through the year.

This year due to the order of Supreme Court there was suspense in opening of park and tourist are a bit late in booking their tour comparing to past years. Now the park is open for everyone and anyone can experience the thrilling land without any restriction. One just needs to have permit for the same.

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