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There is no crystal clear thing as this: that history of every part of the world begins with legends. Some we can find written in books and some came down to our generation by oral. The history of this nation – Ethiopia starts with a legend that we would not have the nerve to say ‘you shall know what we speak is true’.  Later, in the history, however, all we speak we know, are true for we have brought them from nowhere but credible sources.

In the beginning was such a legend

  •       Aksumawi was the son of Ethiopis and the great-grandson of Noah;he established the kingdom of Axum.
  •       A length of 170 cubits snake took power in Axum and ruled for four hundred years. It had teeth a whole cubit long and the people of Axum had constantly to supply it with virgins on holidays and a goat each day.
  •       A stranger came, his gorgeous daughter with him. The stranger was called Angabos. He killed the monster. But, a deal was made between the stranger Angabos and the King of Axum that the king would let Angabos’ daughter to be queen of the Axumite Kingdom. On this deal, however, was one precondition by the king that Saba, Angabos’ daughter shall stay virgin lifelong or she would lose the throne.
  •       Angabos died after few years and Saba wanted to become Queen of Axum which both the king and his families denied. Saba mourned and cried bitterly and a drop of her tear raised that mighty snake alive.
  •       Fear and terror come to those false hearted leaders of the land. They had to beg her on their knees. They promised her she would get whatever she needed if she would listen to their cries and kill the snake once and for all.
  •       She had to kill the snake with the sword Angabos had given her. While doing so, a droplet from the snake’s blood touched her foot. Instantly, it changed in to donkey hoof. It did not prevent her from becoming a great queen, however.

Today’s lesson ends here…we couldn’t imagine your surprise on hearing such a legend.




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