Follow Safety Guidelines to Stay Safe Inside an animal Park

When you are inside the Jim Corbett National Park to spend your holidays, it is a wonderful feeling to experience this right inside the natural habitat of animals. This is a fantastic place for natural lovers as it has a long list of animals, birds and proper facilities to spend your days. There are many Jim Corbett resorts that provide excellent facilities.

When you are visiting this place you have many things to do like visiting the river, Corbett Falls, Corbett Safari and many more.

Kosi River: the water of Kosi is clean and pure and it is magical to take a bath in this river. They also organize a Kosi elephant ride which revolves around the river, generally it takes two hours to complete, and you can view exotic birds, deer and many others animal from the top of an elephant. The advantage of an elephant ride is that an elephant can take you to the places where Jeep can’t. And if you feel like clicking animals this will be the perfect position for you to capture the rare and uncommon photos. But before that don’t forget to submit the required amount which the authorities of the national park charge you for taking the camera inside. There is also an old temple near the Kosi River and if you wish to swim stay away from the deeper part of the river.

Resort in Corbett National park offers you many facilities and the jungle safari on back of an elephant is the one. I would like to draw your attention towards an incident which could be worse. There was a family who took two elephants for a ride, they were enjoying and clicking the pictures. Kids were very happy and they were making noises out of excitement, soon they spotted a cub moving towards them. Actually that cub was escaping from some unseen predator. The family thought that this is coming towards them as a friendly gesture. They become more exited and at once the lioness came in front of the elephant and attacked the elephant. Elephant is also a wild animal become uncontrollable for the Mahavat (elephant Handler). The family was frightened as the lioness was jumping towards the family members and was coming at the height of the elephant. The Mahavat was an experienced man and drove away the elephant from there. They were saved and for a few hours they were unable to speak and took more time to come
out of that frightening situation, which frightened them deep inside.

Corbett National Park resort also offers 24 hour laundry service, mouth watering delicacies and a wonderful hospitality.

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