Five Cool And Unique Offices In New York That You Should Check Out

So, it is time to put a pause on your wanderlust and start earning some hard cash to go on a travel spree once more. Although you are back in the city and miss the beach or the mountains, job hunting does not have to be a drag. In New York, lots of companies have been redesigning their offices into unique and sometimes even wacky interiors and office design that stepping into one company to the next to make you feel that you are still traveling to different worlds. Here are five of the coolest and most unique offices that you should check out – you will definitely hope to work at each one right after.


The New York headquarters of Google takes up an entire block on 8th Avenue – it is hard to miss. Google has been known for its creative and wacky offices all over the world, which is why this list will not be complete without it. Each meeting room has its own theme and each area of the office space is a homage to notable eras and areas of New York City. Free food is one of its perks plus the office is dog-friendly as well.


The online source for art and art education has its own artistic headquarters in New York as well. Their office looks are like a glass bowl with their window walls offering beautiful panoramic views of the city. Of course, you can find a lot of artistic office decor in there too. One of the perks of working here is the abundant sunlight and healthy snacks.


The GrubHub New York office was quite new having just moved in on June 2018. The company works with thousands of restaurants across the country so food is a popular feature in their office. It actually has its own in-house restaurant, which is operated and patronized by Grubhub employees – this is to give their employees a better understanding of the ins and outs of managing a restaurant.


Dog lovers will find working in this office a dream come true. Bark, the provider of dog products and technology, have actual dogs in their offices sending waves of positive vibes to employees and visitors. They fondly refer to their Scandivanian-styled offices as a “Barkitecture” true to their brand of doing everything through a dog’s point of view.


How about an office that has its own pub? Interactive content creating platform, Ceros, makes it impossible for employees to leave the office with their own British pub and draft beer. It is a great place to hang out, have a little peace and quiet, or to blow off some steam after a long day.

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