Fishing can be a great way to spend your time with friends or family; in fact, more than 40 million people go fishing every year. It’s safe to say that it’s a pleasant activity. If you’re visiting the Smoky Mountain region, then you might be interested to find that among its other myriad attractions, Gatlinburg is a very popular area when it comes to fishing – and is considered to be among the last surviving wild trout habitats in the eastern part of the United States. Here's a quartet of the best spots to cast your line:


Little Pigeon River

Smoky Mountains National Park has a number of popular streams, but it’s important to note the fishing difficulty and the fact that some areas are off limits. Little Pigeon River is among the best spots when it comes to fishing, with the river running through the heart of Gatlinburg and having three forks. People who go fishing in this hotspot report smallmouth bass and trout as being their most popular catches.

The Horseshoe

Located in the Upper Abraham Creek, The Horseshoe at Cades Cove is a favorite spot for local anglers, the area being known for having plenty of rainbow trout to offer. It’s important to take note that while this is a popular spot, it’s not easy to access, given the fact that there are no nearby trails established. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from checking out the spot.

Little River

Another interesting spot to check out, Little River is among the top of the list when it comes to the surroundings, offering a great setting for the fishermen. The stream is large and fishing can be done from the roadside, however, by going upstream on the Little River Trail, after a two-mile hike fishing can get even more interesting, as the spot has both brown and rainbow trout to offer.

Douglas Lake

This area is among the most visited, and not only for the fish, but for the fact that it’s a great setting to spent time with family at a picnic, for example. However, fishing is a popular activity here, and the area can be accessed with ease. Plenty of crappie and bass await those who want to check out the fishing hotspot.

Other Spots

The area has plenty of spots for fishing, including the Cosby Creek, LeConte Creek, Dudley Creek, Hessee Creek, and more. Abrams Creek and Hazel Creek are areas that are more difficult to access, but if you’re interested in quality water or fly fishing then those might be for you.

 All you need is a bit of free time, a fishing license, and a small cabin nearby in order to have a great time. The Smokey Mountains region has a lot to offer in terms of fishing, and you can’t go wrong with any of the popular local spots.